do you keep your pillows and blankets in your pup

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    Reusable? Yes. They are like a really heavy-duty ziploc bag with a one-way valve to prevent air from getting in.

    I can see that they will eventually wear out and could be prone to punctures if you're not careful, but they work very well.

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    We use our sleeping bag for sleeping in, I air it out every other day on campout, and when I come home. I wash it beginning and end of season....

    I keep it rolled up on floor of camper, you will see previous posts of mine where I left it on the bed while closed, but I always had to push down the last few inches, and changed it this year.

    I have a double bed contour sheet that I put over the sleeping bag during campout, for protection from dog and dog dirt, kids and their dirt!

    This gets washed every trip!

    We also tried our self inflating mattress instead of the foam this trip. DH loved how comfortable and firm it was, I was okay with it, so we will keep it in there for this season. I just have to watch for the valves not to get stuck in the shut down.

    8/5/06: We took the self inflating mattress out after the trip, the bunk end sagged perhaps with the wieght? It didn't work smoothly, and so we put the foam mattress back in and now it works smoothly again? Not sure if something on the self inflating mattress got snagged on the bunk end...or if it weighs alot more than the foam!


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    We leave the blankets and sleeping bags in the PU. Pillows and sheets come out, sheets need to be washed and we don't have extra pillows. I'm planning on getting extra pillows just to leave in the PU as we camp Monday - Friday all summer long and just come home on weekends so I can work.

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    Hint on leaving bedding on bunks----let the support bar down, then put blankets on top---seems to not push up on top as much.

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    Jul 25, 2007
    thanks every one for all your advise .
    i really like the one about using the air tight bags , and that would really save space .
    thnaks again , you all are so very helpful

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