Does Your Camper Have A Name?


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Nov 16, 2019
Wellsville, PA
Anyone here named your PUP??
My husband claims you should only name things that have an engine.
Tell me it's not true [:!]

I figure, name whatever you want. Heck, I named the four screws they put in me to close up an old incision. It made complaining about them so much easier. "Dangit, Lefty, that hurts!" or "Larry's being a jerk today..."

But for the record, I was towing my new-to-me Coleman home the other day and remarked to my old roomie that it looked like "Death warmed over." And it does, really. She's nothing fancy, needs a good cleanup. But I was thinking about the comment and decided the Coleman will be known as Sally. She'll never be shiny and new, she'll be a patchwork of fixes and upgrades, but she's enough for me and beautiful in her own way.


Apr 21, 2020
Millbury, MA
I wanted to name ours 'Pop-A-Top' but got shot down because it was also the name of an adult dance club back in Portland, OR
So I suggested PUC (Pop-Up-Camper), no rejections on that one (yet)


Sep 6, 2019
Our pup is Ruby and our SUV is Rusty. We sold our lil Coleman which our Pontiac Torrent pulled easily. We decided we wanted a bigger pup and found our present one a Fleetwood Niagara Highlander. On the way home from picking up the new pup we realized that our little SUV was not going to be able to pull the new camper (Yes I know we put the cart before the horse, almost literally lol) We upgraded the vehicle to a Chrysler Aspen. It's low mileage and beautiful condition. It also is a pretty rusty orange color. Which is how the grandkids named the vehicle. I thought it should be a double rr set up and named the camper Ruby. The camper has everything in it, oven which I probably won't use, microwave, bathroom, pull out. What we lost with the oven is storage like drawers. It will all work out. With just the two of us we often use the extra bed to hold suitcases and bags.


Jun 7, 2020
NE Indiana
The wife and I spent a lot of time discussing names for our new to us pop up. We couldnt agree on a name to save us. So we decided to wait and just let the name be decided at a later date. We took it on its maiden voyage to an actual campground. The first night camping and the wife found out how much Jack Daniels downtime punch is too much. And so the name off our camper was revealed to us. "Chuckwagon" it was. She wasnt real happy with the name at first but it is growing on her. And now she sees the humour in it.

Ursa Minor Maya

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Jul 17, 2020
We named our Coleman Destiny Roanoke "Hermes" because we thought our little Pup deserved a cute name, and also thought it couldn't hurt to invoke the greek god of travel on our adventures.


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Sep 14, 2020
Northern Michigan
We bought our first pop up just last weekend. Had some friends over for happy hour in it in the driveway. Asked them what we should name it, and one of them blurted out "Slippery Doug!"

There's no rhyme or reason behind it, but I think it might stick.