Does Your Camper Have A Name?

Apr 18, 2022
My trailer is currently nameless at the moment as she has a big overhaul coming this spring and will look NOTHING like she does now when I am done with her. She is going from shaggy trash panda to classy clean lady so when she is done her makeover, she is going to be named Monroe and will have her name on her side. "Skamper" will be removed and her name will be put there and I am very excited for this project. I pull with an Escape whose name is Willow :)


Sep 5, 2022
Anyone here named your PUP??
My husband claims you should only name things that have an engine.
Tell me it's not true [:!]
At first I was calling my popup UGLY, but now I changed it to "MoneyPit" - I only worked on the exterior so far. Rubberized the roof and de-decal'd it and painted the plywood parts. It still needs a new roof vent and new cables to lift it. I'm scared to see the canvas!!
Can't expect much for $350 (Canadian)


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Sep 19, 2018
League City, Texas USA.
I have sold off the 2 pop ups I got for $gratis, and am actively in the market for a slide in pop up truck camper. For me since my garage is my wood shop, the trailers had to stay at a friends place and they were taking up space and wearing out their welcome. I can keep a slide in on the back of my truck and as long as I drive it at least once a week, the HOA can't complain about it. (How my neighbor down the street keeps the HOA off his tail for having a 30' class A in his driveway,).

Once I DO get the camper acquired, and ready to go, I will likely order some custom vinyl decals made up with a name...

"The Escape Pod".

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