Doggie Chiropractors ... Valuable Service, or Phony Hocus Pocus ??


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Jun 12, 2013
OK, so don't want to get too detailed here......

Ran into a Dog chiropractor while camping recently. She asked if she could 'take a look' at my 12 year old dog. Which turned into yanking on his legs, at which point I said we had to go.

I've always been of the opinion that chiropractors were like therapists (hey... no offense to the therapists and chiropractors here [:D] ).... they never 'fix' what is wrong with you, because if they did..... they'd never get anymore of your money. After the chance meeting, I saw my dogs back legs twitching while he was laying down.... which I'm chalking up to the run in with the dog chiropractor.

Am I just stuck in the stone age, or is there really a need for dog chiropractors ??

GA Judy

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Oct 15, 2010
I took my dog to a dog chiropractor to see if his seizures could be helped by an adjustment. The chiro told me that if the one spot (can't remember now) was out of adjustment, it could be the reason. He took X-rays and found that was not the problem but did find another spot down at the center of the spine that needed adjusting. Only charged me the office visit and X-ray ($60 total) and said it would not help to even take the dog to an acupuncturist, which he was also (I asked, desperately looking for an answer). I guess it would make a difference to anyone looking for a specific answer whether or not a chiropractor could help. At least this one, I felt, was honest and would not have us come back for any treatment.


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May 6, 2014
We had a dog once that started having back issues, the vet gave her a couple months (and this was a good vet that we trusted) she was having trouble walking. She was only about 5 so...well that really stunk super nice dog.

Wife's chiro offered to look at the dog, did some crackin and the dog was fine! Well for a while but at least she was comfortable and could play, and we'd have to take her back until he said he couldn't do anything anymore. Some weird spinal thing, I don't remember, or want to remember the details.

So not sure about "pet" chiro's but seeing a dog I thought I was going to have to put down running around the yard playing for an extra year or so makes me think some of them can do some good things. They earned my respect there, gave the pup a comfortable year instead of a couple months of pain.