Dometic Fridge 2193 on Propane

Hey Now Bob

Jun 4, 2022
Memphis, TN
Hey now. I’ve recently bought my first pop up. A 2018 Jayco Jay Sport 8SD. It’s in really good condition and I’m anxious to hit the road with my bride (25 years tomorrow!). Having a problem with the fridge on propane. When I hit the ignitor several times it takes a moment, but ALWAYS there’s a big “woof” from the flue tube (?). I can ignite it with a lighter and it’s fine. I tapped the tube and nothing came out. (I did basic cleaning while in there). I’m a bit apprehensive to take the unit out to get into the tube and clean it out. It’s a pretty tight fit back there and I’m always a bit concerned about unintended consequences.

Is it common to have that “woof” sound, or is it possible there is something in the flue that really requires some attention?

Dave Fro

Sep 21, 2020
Sounds like a buildup of propane in the area before it is ignited. Sort of like if you let the propane go on the bbq for too long before lighting it. Maybe try just sparking like crazy as soon as you open the gas and see if same? There shouldn't be a big difference between using the sparker and using a lighter, as long as your timing is identical.


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Jun 6, 2020
Mine will rarely ignite with the push button ignitor while camping in elevation. Works just fine at home. So I pretty much always use a lighter to get mine going. And that "woof" sound happens every time.
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Hey Now Bob

Jun 4, 2022
Memphis, TN
Thank you both. I live at sea level, so altitude isn’t an issue (unless higher pressure makes a difference). I do start in on the igniter immediately so I believe the build up is just it not lighting and the fuel collecting in the flue.

Peace, Bob

Grandpa Don

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Sep 5, 2018
Southern California
Yes, that is what is happening. It's a buildup of Propane in the Flue. It kinda scares you doesn't it. Mine will do that every once in a while. I think the problem is your red button igniter. It may not be adjusted properly next to the flame burner. It is adjustable. You can't see the spark unless you take that cover off that is around the burner. Move it closer and see what happens.

However, even when mine is working properly, I still get that Woof every now and then. Therefore I don't even bother using the red igniter button any longer. I use a BBQ lighter sticking in the hole. You can't see the flame either even when it does light. I leave the BBQ lighter on with a flame all while I am holding the regulator knob down. Then after I think it is lit, I take the BBQ lighter out and blow out the flame. Then I stick it back in the hole. If it comes back out with a flame, I know I'm good to go. I hate that "Woof"!

And don't forget that there may be a lot of air in the line that you have to bleed out before it will light. There is a hell-of-a learning curve on those 3-way Fridges.

This reminds me of a story about my X-wife. One Thanksgiving dinner at my cousin's house, he had an oven that did not have a working pilot light. So the procedure was to light a match and stick it on the burner, then turn the gas knob on to light the burner. We told her that a dozen times. But that day she put the Turkey in the oven and turn on the gas. Then opened the box of matches and struck one. When she put the lit match in the oven and "WOOF". She spent the next hour in the bathroom painting new eyebrows back on with Mascara.


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Oct 10, 2021
West Palm Beach, Florida
The technique is to push the igniter button twice in quick succession. The first push lights the pilot, but the flame gets quickly extinguished by the gas pressure and gas buildup occurs before you push again. A long nose lighter works well if you want to avoid the WOOF. Light the lighter in position then push the pilot button down.

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