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Jun 13, 2009
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Hi all! Recently bought a 1997 Rockwood Premier 2306-DD. It has a double door. We are having issues with our doors fitting into place as they should due to a missing part. I have seen a couple of posts where these parts are called pegs. This is the part that is on the upper door portion that fits into the bottom part of the door where the door frame becomes one. Does anyone know what the proper name is for this?

I went to our local dealer about a month ago and asked about this part. After never hearing from them, I went into the shop today and they still didn't have an answer. They did some checking around and apparently Rockwood doesn't have this part anymore. The service guy said that he thinks there is another manufacturer that uses the same part on their pop-up doors.

Has anyone had this experience with a replacement part on a Rockwood pop-up? My next step is to send the guy a picture when I set up the pop-up this weekend. If no response, then I will have to call another dealer, but will have to find one in Dallas or that area.

Any help on this would be GREAT!



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Feb 9, 2006
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My Jayco uses square black plastic pegs to align door frame w/lower door opening. Maybe Jayco could be a source.. else, get some wood dowel or plastic dowel and carve one to shape.
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Mar 4, 2003
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Popup manufacturers, to one degree or another, are "assemblers" of generic parts and component assemblies, procured from other sources. I think the two piece door is one of those items ~ my Starcraft has the same and I've looked at a couple other brands of pups with two piece doors and they look remarkably the same. AND, one of those black plastic "aliners"(?) got broke off on my door and I ordered out a new one from the Starcraft factory parts department (very reasonably priced). Took the needlenose plyers and pulled out the old piece of plastic and re-inserted the new part and all's well again.

I should think any dealer that has pups with two piece doors ought to have such an item in their parts inventory.

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Apr 4, 2009
Greely, Ontario
Viking calls them "Upper Door Locators". I went to a dealer to see if they had any. Said they did, but they can be slightly different from pup to pup. I have one good one and one homemade one that the PO carved out of a chunk of plastic. Its on its way out so as soon as I can pop her up (rain rain go away), i'll pull the good one and bring it in.


Aug 28, 2009
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I just pulled up this old post looking for a solution to this very same problem and found a source for my Jayco and thought I would share.
Any RV Parts in Calif. has this;

Couldn't paste the picture but this is an exact match.

Jayco Screen Door Peg Set 0157324

Any RV Parts Price


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Jun 23, 2014
Just had to buy these for my old Jayco. However, I'm a dummy and I removed the old ones and forgot how they were attached. Any chance someone has a picture of them INSTALLED in their door? I can figure out how the pegs insert into the top door frame, but can't figure out where the other piece goes that screws in. Thanks!!