Door stowage problem, broken cable


Jul 26, 2020
Hagerstown, MD USA
My 2013 Palomino Y-series 4127 has a one-piece door that's held up in the stowed position by a pair of 11 1/4" long cables. When I pack up, there's a plastic knob at the bottom center of the door that locks into an aluminum bracket over the doorway. Those cables connect the top of the door to plastic T-shaped bits that slide in tracks along the ceiling. (They do NOT slide well and it's always a struggle to move them along.) When stowed, the top of the door is just barely held in place by plastic knobs attached to the ceiling. I think they're just there to hold the door while packing up. When I raise the roof, it's always come loose and dangling from the wires.

After I set up Friday, I noticed one of the wires dangling from its T-bracket from the ceiling (see pic.). The rest of that crimped eyelet is still attached to the door by a screw. Is it possible to find a replacement? Should I just buy wire and eyelets and make one? Given how much of a pain it is to slide those T-brackets, is there any reason I shouldn't just cut the other wire and lay the door on the bed when I pack up? Any thoughts?


2004 Fleetwood/Coleman Utah
Oct 10, 2013
Northern Virginia
I’ve seen people lay the one piece door on the bed especially if their clasp broke that hold it on the ceiling. My door is a very similar setup as yours except it uses heavy duty snap straps to hold the door on the ceiling. So I don’t have the same problem as you. I will say those tracks can be a pain and not quite sure the purpose except it would prevent the door from flying out of your hands if you were to drop it.