Door won't be straight no matter how much leveling we do! see pictures


Aug 19, 2020
Efland, NC
I have the same issue but its much improved since I adjusted the pulley in the lift system. Its a Goshen lift system. When popping up the camper the rear of the pop up would raise up about 2" before the front started to. Once adjusted, they raise at the same time and the door is much straighter! Good luck!


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Jun 21, 2010
Are the top and the box square? Seems like a top that is tipped front/back would cause a problem like that.

Lane Jacobs

Mar 18, 2022
You might find this post helpful:
My post to that thread (OG POST):
My 1984 suffers from this condition. Does your door look "normally" spaced when closed down? Mine does too! I shimmed it, shimmed the door striker plate to meet the door, removed the upper door from the ceiling - all kinds of tricks I tried...until camping last year. I had a beer time epiphany watching my gals move about the camper - they aren't 6 years old anymore and now are mini human sized tweens! D'oh!

So, off to a junkyard local to my campground, bought a $5 spare tire jack to support their bunk weight. Stopped the door from moving, stopped the load droop moving that short wall where the door mounts. There is no floor rot, there isn't anything loose, it just wants to move from flexing all these years. I encourage you to try this out - perhaps not as ghetto as my repair... I have now cut a 2x4 that fits perfect and I'm calling this a "final" repair until problems force my hand.


Couldn't hurt to try it out~!
Thanks! Ingenious setup! Will definitely include it in the ideas I’ve received that I’ll share with my husband. Lane


Waterford Ct.
Oct 3, 2007
Waterford, Ct
Anyone having door alignment problems has to carefully inspect the framework and floor on the panel next to the door opening. And it shouldn’t change when you are in the bunks. The floor and panel should not move