Dumb Dumbs lost the keys!

Discussion in 'RV Dealers & Repair Shops' started by Bill Waddill, Nov 2, 2020.

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    Oct 14, 2020
    So what would you do if the dealer who you purchased the camper from says, they can't find the keys and we sent them when trailer was to be delivered! What would be the next step?
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    Dec 26, 2009
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    Most of the keys are pretty generic, so the dealer or a locksmith should be able to provide new ones. Others have posted they were available on eBay, etc. There should be a number stamped on the lock, IIRC.
    We actually never had keys for the first pup, the only thing to be locked was the door. It was secure on the road because the external lifter arms folded over it. Our second one had a partial door that closed over the doorway gap on the road, and it did lock. When we bought our TT, one of the first things we did was to change the locks on the storage areas, so that we didn't have the same locks a majority of other campers did. We've changed out the door lock too, it broke early on.
    One hint: When you get new keys and/or locks, keep a master set (well labeled) at home. I have an extra set, including all the other locks (coupler, LP tanks and batteries, etc.) hidden in the tow vehicle, I can't carry all those around the way I carry keys. We both have a set of camper and vehicle keys in our possession.

    Second hint: if you add the make, model, and year of your camper to your signature line (through your profile at upper right), others will always know what you have and be better able to help you.
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  3. Arruba

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    Nov 28, 2014
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    If the check/payment hasn’t cleared, put a hold on it till they produce. You, mentioned delivered. I’ll assume that means delivered to you. If the dealer hired a 3rd party entity to deliver and claims the 3rd party lost them, that’s between the dealer and the third party.

    In reality this shouldn’t be a big deal. Pop Ups, and RV’s in general are not uniquely keyed. With your units ID number and/or number off the lock face, the dealer or a reputable locksmith can reproduce you a set of keys.

    If forced to fix the problem yourself, call the Better Business Bureau or whatever you state agency is that licenses or regulates RV dealers. It most likely won’t solve your problem, but it might. At the least it means that you tried.

    Good Luck....
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  4. jmkay1

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    Oct 10, 2013
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    When I was talking with an RV shop about my popup once and he said that Fleetwood only made two different keys ever for their entire fleet of campers in all their years of production. I'm thinking other campers may be a bit similar. It won't take long for another key to be found, but if this is a brand new camper I would wait until the shop comes through. It's on them, not you.
  5. Toedtoes

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    May 28, 2018
    Other than the ignition key for a motorhome, camper keys are pretty much interchangeable.

    When I bought my clipper from a dealer, they gave me one set at the time of pickup and they mailed the second set after they processed the paperwork.

    I would first talk to the dealership and ask them to pay for new keys - 2 sets. If they are decent, they will do so without issue. If they won't do that, then you can file a complaint. Then just go get your own keys.
  6. Ladiesman

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    Feb 6, 2018
    Etrailer sells camper keys for about seven bucks. You just need the number off the lock cylinder. We never go camping with out the wife and myself carrying a set of camper and truck keys. I lost my truck keys at Disney and if the wife did not have a set we would have been in trouble. Good thing was someone found them and turned them in to lost and found. I called Disney as we were driving back to Illinois and they actually sent them fed ex to my house. They arrived home the same day we did.
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