East coast trip suggestions?

Discussion in 'Campground / Trip Planning & Suggestions ?' started by Ntk37, Aug 24, 2019.

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    Jun 7, 2019
    Hubby & I we’re talking about taking the pup on a family road trip next April, heading south from Boston. The kids will be 9 & 12.

    I’m thinking we can make it down to Virginia/North Carolina and back in an 8 day span. Any suggestions on cities to head to? Right now I’m thinking Boston-Philly-Shenadoah Natl Park- Raleigh- VA beach-Baltimore-Boston. I’ve never been to any of these cities outside of Baltimore, so feedback is appreciated!
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    Northern Virginia
    Shenandoah national park is a nice park to visit for a few days. Actually just got back from staying in Big Meadows campground up there. No electricity and pay showers but lots of wildlife around just be sure to follow the rules regarding food storage. Rangers will confiscate anything left out. Big Meadows is one of the larger campgrounds in the park. Check out the many hiking trails up there in the park. Use your transmission to slow the camper down so you save your breaks. I've stayed in VA beach before but my campground was on the bay side as I wanted to kayak mainly. Many campgrounds down there, but they fill up fast so be sure to make advanced reservations.
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    I wonder if you wouldn't enjoy it a little more by not going quite as far. Setting up and tearing down and driving a good hunk of the day can get a little old. I think I'd consider skipping Raleigh and taking I-64 from Skyline Drive straight over to VA Beach. That said, the Blue Ridge Pkwy is prettier in my opinion and possibly a little less traveled. Don't forget the lower speed limits on Skyline Dr and Blue Ridge Pkwy if you're using them for any length of time.

    Have fun planning and dreaming of your trip. : )
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    We did a trip in the opposite direction 3 years ago. We had 12 days. Original plan was going up to Boston but we scratched that. Too much driving.

    We made it to a campground in NYC. On the way up and back be stayed in Douthat state park in VA in the George Washington national forrest. Very beautiful park and area.

    If you never been to Amish country I recommend that as well. Instead of camping we chose a small motel close to intercourse, pa. Yes, that was really the name of the town but no obligation.

    Philly is one of my favorite cities but never comes there.

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