Easy way to set up and take down awning?


Nov 2, 2009
Ontario Canada
I opened the awning on my 2001 Viking to clean it when I purchased it this spring. But I did it with the camper all tucked away. Easy to reach.
I'm curious about how to open and get it up when the camper is fully extended. Ladder?
And, I've heard that one of the ways to ruin it is to leave it up when away for a 6 hour or so hike and the wind comes up!
Does anyone have a suggestion to make this all easy?
I see that there are two legs on each corner... I'm assuming that one set hooks into the side of the PUP. The other looks like it extends to the ground and would need lines anchored to secure the thing if opting for that option.
When we had our 2001 Coleman Sedona. Before I started cranking up the roof I opened the zippers and put the awning on the roof cranked it up halfway and set it up. Then when roof was all the way up I tied down both corners to heavy pegs and never had a problem with the wind blowing the awning up and damaging the awning. After a few years I started using ratchet straps to keep the awning secured to the pegs. They worked great.


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Apr 14, 2014
Ontario, Canada
I use a cooler to reach it but reading how some open or close the awning bag while partially cranked. Great idea.

If I replace mine, I’m going to get a Thule. I like their folding arms

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