Edgar Evins state park

Discussion in 'Tennessee' started by Spawndn72, May 15, 2017.

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    We stayed at Edgar Evins state park from 5/12/17 thru 5/14/17. The roads are nice and wide except one curve that was a little narrow if two people were on it, it was fine if no one was in the other lane. The campsites are decks that extend out over the hillside which sloped down to the water on the site we stayed. The view of the water and marina were a little blocked on our site (52) but was still nice. Most of the decks are wooden and are extremely slick if wet. They are also pretty short. We had to park the truck next to the camper which made it where we could not put the awning out. There is a picnic table and fire ring at each site, however the fire rings are in a gravel area off to the side, separate from the deck and very close to the road. Each site has water and a 30 amp electrical hookup. There is also a dump station at the campground. I did not use the bath houses as they are a hike from pretty much any location. This all might sound pretty negative, but actually, even with the short comings we had a great time. The scenery is beautiful, the campground is easily accessible and it was very quiet.

    Great location
    Beautiful scenery
    Waterfront views

    Bathhouses are a hike to get to
    Wood decks are slippery when wet
    Fire rings are not very usable
    Short sites
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    Feb 8, 2013
    Sounds like you all are getting around to many state parks. We are trying to camp in all of TN's state parks that will allow our PopUp before my oldest son graduates high school (we have three years left). Do you all know about the state park passports? They are available at the ranger stations and you can get a stamp at each park. My family loves getting their books stamped and writing down memories.

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