Eisenhower State Park (Melvern Lake)

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    We've camped at COE campgrounds at Melvern Lake a couple times, but this time we were able to get a waterfront site (208) at Eisenhower State Park.
    We'd driven through Ike a few times, but never realized just how nice it is until we spent five days there over July 4 holiday.
    From Kansasoutdoors.com:
    "Eisenhower State Park has 1,785 acres. It features 1,000 acres of tallgrass prairie, 440 acres of woodland and a complete range of recreational facilities in addition to the 6,930 acres of Melvern Lake.
    "Eisenhower State Park provides 186 utility campsites: 81 with water, 37 with sewer hookps, 68 electric only sites and five shower houses. Non-utility sites are available for primitive camping in Five-Star, Sailboat Beach, and Omaha Swim Beach. Fifteen Equestrian Campsites with electric/water and individual corrals are available in the upper loop of Westpoint Campground. Cowboy campground is a primitive area for equestrian camping."
    What struck me most was the native prairie. Located in Osage County on the edge of the Flint Hills, the native prairie features wild flowers and wild life. During our stay we saw a variety of birds, deer, turkey, and a few others we could hear, but never saw.
    Bath and shower facilities are modern and well-maintained (read Clean). The camp staff is friendly and helpful. There is even a small store onsite -- Ike's Store -- that has a smattering of groceries, ice, charcoal, etc. available and "fairly reasonable" prices.

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