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    For being so simple, DC wiring can get confusing. I'm an electronics tech, so I'm familiar with wiring. Normally, like in your car, red is positive 12 volts and black is negative (ground). EXCEPT on my 69 VW, where red is +12V unswitched, black is +12V switched (hot when the ignition is on), and BROWN is ground. Now I find on my Coleman/Fleetwood PUP that BLACK is +12V and white is ground, except for the output of the 12V converter, which is are blue wires.

    My head is about to explode.
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    It's just my personal theory, but I think it has something to do with the fact that campers are a mixture of house wiring and 12 volt DC wiring. I think someone in the camping world decided that black should always be hot because it is in house wiring. What gets me is changing the color of the wire somewhere in the run. The black wire on my battery connects to the red wire on the converter. My 3-way fridge wouldn't work on 12 volt and found it wasn't getting power. Followed the green wire into the wiring harness, then followed the harness to the tongue of the trailer. There was no green wire exiting the harness anywhere. After removing the tape from the split loom I found that the green wire changed to a blue wire. That blue wire was connected to what is the backup light terminal on my TV with no fuse. Now it's connected to the PUP battery and it has a fuse.
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    My battery has a red (+) and black (-). 2018 Coachman Clipper. I have not checked any other wires yet.

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