Empty fresh water tank?


Jul 26, 2020
Hagerstown, MD USA
I'm getting ready to winterize my N2U 2013 Palomino Y-series 4127 for the first time and I have a question about the fresh water tank. It sits below the floor of the camper, just behind the axle. I've emptied it as best I can (tilted the camper back and to the side with the BAL leveler), but it bulges down in the middle and won't drain all the way. I put a bottle jack below and pushed up a bit to get more water out, but there's at least a half-gallon of water still in there. Do I need to worry about draining the tank dry, or will it be okay for a little water to be in there over the winter? Should I pour in some RV antifreeze to mix with the remaining water?


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Nov 28, 2014
Central Oregon
You’ll be good in the tank for the reason mentioned above. As for adding RV antifreeze to the tank, I wouldn’t because in my experience, it takes more effort than you think it should to get it all out. That said, it depends on the ability get the rest of your plumbing drained. If it doesn’t drain well, then a gallon or two in the tank and cycled through the plumbing is probably warranted, keeping in mind my statement above.

Good luck.