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Discussion in 'Web Site Features/Products' started by Digger, May 13, 2009.

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    If you'd like to place a link in a post, it is very helpful to shorten it so that the entire URL is not displayed in your post....it is really easy to do....

    Let's say I'd like to link to an outside webpage. If I just placed the URL in my post, it would look like this:


    BUT I could make it look a lot cleaner by doing this:

    [nobbc]Trailer Levelers[/nobbc]

    and here is how it would display:

    Trailer Levelers

    For savvy users from the old site, you'll notice that you no longer need to place the quotation marks around the URL address...messed me up the first time or two [?:~{]

    Some other folks use a website called Tiny URL to accomplish the same thing.....

    Thanks for keeping the Portal easy on the eyes!
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