from Canada eh?


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Jul 14, 2006
Sudbury, Ontario
For all my Canadian friends....

Due to a SPUT, I needed a new plunge pin for my tongue jack and called all around unable to find one. Fearing the worst I called etrailer's 1-800 number to see what the damage would be for a $6.80 part. I expected $20 to $30 for exchange, shipping, duties etc. which is fairly typical when ordering parts from the USA. The agent I spoke with was very friendly and helpful and told me that the part would be $11.98 including shipping as it would ship out of their CANADIAN warehouse!

You can imagine how happy I was!

Check it out as they are one of the portal sponsors anyway...

Keith Hawkins

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Mar 8, 2015
Really good to know, now I am going to find out about the airbags for the rear end of my TV... [:D]

Thanks for the info.