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    Oct 10, 2018
    I could not get my furnace fired up in my 96 Jayco so I called around and everybody was a month or further out for service. I was given the suggestion to try Kappert's Mobile RV service. I called and was greeted by a friendly woman that asked some great questions and got me scheduled a week or so out. Repairman came today, I popped up the trailer and installed charged battery, turned on Propane, and he got to work. He had to bleed the air out of the propane lines, then did some magic and started to get the pilot lit. Within minutes the satisfying whoosh of the furnace catching caught my ear and he said we are good. Cycled a few times and everything works perfect. He showed me where I need to look for issues, etc and said my PUP is in excellent condition. I gave him a nice tip.
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