Exterior LED strip light placement? Under the Canopy or someplace else...

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    Jan 4, 2021
    Trying not to over think this but.... I'm am adding an LED strip light on the side of the pup. I've got two placement options but wasn't sure about shadowing or the light spread. I wanted to see if anyone who has them can weigh in.

    First choice would be to install on the roof under the canopy bag. I am planning on using one of these tracks for the LED strip. What I wasn't sure was if the spread of the light was enough since essentially I am pointing the light directly at the canopy and outward not down? The other option is to install some mounting hardware that fit the above track so I can direct the light downward. Sounds like a no brainer this way except I would just have to move the light bar below the canopy bag as it will stick out to much and I was using the canopy bag as an added protection while traveling for the lights. (I just finished a roof rebuild so I made sure I have electric access if I need it for this purpose).

    Second option is to just run the light bar from the door back to the end. But this option I was wondering about how bad the shadowing would be? This isn't something we would use all the time but wanted to option to be able to play card etc. in the evening while the kids are in bed or if its raining in the evening and can't sit out by the fire.

    Any experiences with your lights and and how they are positioned?

    I am putting a dimmer with this lights as well as a remote to adjust the color as well.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Under the awning should be more than sufficient. Look at many newer TT who have the LED strip under their awning and along their edge and they are higher up. At night you could see plenty under the awning area with the little light the strip provides. Then again, I’m not trying to make my campsite look like it’s still daylight though. But the strip under the awning will provide you enough light to get around. My dad has a light strip behind his TV and that thing can light up the entire room quite sufficiently much like night light. The light spreads out.
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    Under & inside switch was easy & inexpensive via Amazon.

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