Ez-up style or Tent Pole Style Canopy


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Jun 1, 2010
Well I want to get a 10x10 canopy for camping and other events. I was looking at those EZ-up style ones and there is a large range of prices.
I also read a LOT where they break fairy easy (cracking plastic and bent poles in a light wind making them unusable).

I was in PriceChopper this week and they have a 10x10 freestanding tent pole style canopy with removable screen walls for $88 bucks. The frame looks far heavier than most I have seen (it also has pads on the feet that can be staked or freestand).

Was looking for your opinions and experience on one style of another.


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Nov 30, 2010
Re: Ez-up style or Tent Poe Style Canopy

First Up from Walmart. Very strong square tubed legs. Has held up perfectly for us in very high winds. Just make sure to stake it properly.

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Jun 2, 2010
The secret to any of these is not to force. We've got an ez up and I read the reviews on bent legs, etc. The only thing I see is after 5 years it's starting to wear thin in a few spots where the fabric rubs the frame.
If you're tall, some of the cheaper ones may not suffice. I'm only 5 10 and if I walk under our 10x10 shelter, it's easy to clip the bottom part of the frame. Not always, but it's close.
If you do get a free standing one, make sure it can be staked down. They're pretty sturdy, but a sudden storm can send them flying.


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Jan 31, 2011
I would do First Up over EZ Up any day. I have /had both. EZ ups are not intended for rain. That will nullify the warranty if you have it up in the rain. (Why is it made for camping if you can't use it in the rain?) First Up has velcro on the sides that hold the canvas tight and rain will drain off. EZ Up does not, so the water collects and the frame will collapse. Ours did last summer, and we now have 2 First Ups. One we've had for three years now, no problem.
We've used the screen and the solid walls. Works great.


Hopkinton, MA
Mar 10, 2009
Hopkinton, MA
Our coleman screen room is a pole type, a pain to put up and not good in the rain. It is large though and I think lighter than the ez ups. I'd go with the ez up type if I had to buy again.


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Nov 1, 2007
Perry, MI
I have an EZ up type from Dicks Sporting Goods (their brand Quest) and it works great. I also have a cheap, lots of poles and guy ropes 'shade canopy'. It's such a PITA and POS it has been relagated to the (seldom used) tent camping box. Spend a little extra money and get a good EX up type shelter.


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Nov 30, 2010
1 more note on the First Up. They are intended to be used with the legs going straight up. so 10x10 means 10x10. Some of the EZ ups have the legs slanted towards the top. so they may be 10x10 at the base of the legs but will be smaller under the canopy. Also, if the legs are slanted and the round type they have a tendency to collapse inward and fail under high winds. (ask me how I know) [LOL]

Lastly, The windwalls and screenwalls of the First Up also help keep the legs up and hold everything in place. We used ours with the wind wall a few weeks ago on our first outing and it worked great in a pretty bad storm.



Kelowna, B.C.
We had a Coleman Instaclip 11x13. I actually thought it was a great screen tent. It was large but not water proof. It was light but not very sturdy. It was a pain to set up but could be moved easily once up. Problem was the quality/thickness of the poles. We only got two uses out of it before the poles crimped while trying to set it up. Well, once this happened, I did some research on the internet and found out that this was a common problem (should have checked before we purchased). I couldn't find the receipt but Coleman said that they would look after us. Well, the 11x13 is no long made. They looked for a set of replacement poles, but no such luck (fortunately). They offered us a $200 credit (only paid $100; on sale) and asked us if we were interested in the 10x10 Instaclip. No thank you. Same pole issue. We will use the credit for other things. However, I did go over to Walmart and get a 10 x 10 First-Up with the screen walls ($120). Reviews are much more positive. It is heavier and bigger but I think that we will have a much more positive experience with First-Up than we did with the Instaclip.



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Feb 9, 2011
Taxus812 said:
Does anyone have a current tent pole style ?

We use a Coleman pole style. It doesn't have a screen or anything, just the canopy. We love it because it's big....I want to say it's an octagon. We use it for camping and other events as shade, as well as a nice large place to be able to hang out if we're getting a little rain, but not enough that we need to get to the p'up.

We usually set up our "camp kitchen" under the canopy. Last year, we had one big group camp out and had two of those big folding tables set up underneath...one for eating, the other for food prep and camp stove. We still had plenty of room.

It is very sturdy....I've had it 6 years now. It's very easy to put up, but takes a bit more time than the EZup.


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Feb 22, 2011
We have a Timber Creek (from Academy) pentagon shaped screened in canopy. It's pretty easy to set up and breaks down small. I believe it's about 14 ft across at the base (probably about 10 ft at the canopy). We set it up over a picnic table as an outdoor dining room.


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Jan 13, 2011
I have an Easy up, and it's been fine. The only problem I have had was I broke one of the trusses when I tried to take it down by myself. It's always best to have 1 person on each corner as you bring all the corners together. Just be careful if you don't have that many helpers.



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Jan 27, 2007
Sidney, OH
We have a First Up. In heavy rains we have to watch to make sure the rain is not pooling, but other than that we've had no problems.


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Apr 15, 2011
We LOVE our EZ ups!! we have two, a 10x20 for Camping( havent used it yet- just bought it) and a 10x10 for Highland Dance Competitions. Our 10x10 gets a lot of use, its up and down in the yard during the week, and on weekends its up and down for the competitions and holds up GREAT! definatly recomment the 'First Up' from Walmart!


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Oct 3, 2009
Nothing but good things to say about our First up. Bought it when we started out as tenters 6 years ago. Starting to wear in spots,but we use it all the time. 10-12 camping trips a year,back yard events & a few races a year. Definitely got our moneys worth out of this purchase.


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Nov 8, 2009
Taxus812 said:
Does anyone have a current tent pole style ?

We borrowed a 10x10 EzUp from a friend for a family party. Worked fine for the party, but no one mentioned about rain pooling and collapsing the structure. Tired, we left it up over night and awoke to find it bent beyond repair. They got a new EzUp and I got an education. I'd never buy one again. What good is it for shelter if you have to take it down every time rain threatens unless you babysit it?

Not exactly a canopy although we use it as one. We've used a Kelty 12'x12' screen room for 5 years now and love it. Will accomodate any size picnic table we've used at campsites. It has drop-down rain/sun flaps that are effective in providing shelter from same. And the built-in arch is sufficient for decent headroom except right around the edges. Up to an 8' table, you're not ducking. In a pinch it could even be used as a tent. Guyed out, it's survived 50 mph gusts although we surrounded by trees on that excursion. I have no doubt that 25-30 mph gusts in open territory would be no problem. Doubt an EzUp could handle that.

One thing I really like about it. After several days, bugs inevitably get in any shelter with no floor. With the freestanding dome style, 2 people can just pick it up, move over, shake it out, and set it up again over the original area.

A few bad things:

It can get warm inside if you pull down more than 2 flaps and it's sunny with little breeze.

Only has 1 door. 2 would have been perfect.

It was pricey at $250 and they don't make sell anymore. They do sell this shelter. I like the more practical rectanglar shape but I can foresee that headroom would be an issue on the ends.

IMO, Paha Que makes the ultimate rain shelter/canopy. But it's way out of our price range.