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    We've just returned from a week up at Fairbank Provincial Park, just west of Sudbury, ON.
    We had relatively good weather last week (mid-July) with only one day of light rain. Despite the restrictions surrounding COVID, the week was quite pleasant. Not too busy, but not a ghost town either.
    The municipal road on the way into the park (off Hwy 17) was an experience, to say the least. There were so many little (and not so little) potholes in the road I wasn't sure our little pop up would survive the 8 km stretch.
    Many of the services are currently suspended due to COVID (like canoe rentals, showers and laundry, etc.) but that didn't stop the other campers from maintaining their social distance and enjoying themselves.
    The lake is a beautiful, clear, spring-fed lake. It's a little cold for my liking but the boy didn't mind at all.
    There is only one hiking trail in the park, but you need to be part billy-goat to start off the first leg of the trail.
    Although our site wasn't as clean as I'm used to at a PP, the washrooms were maintained well and always seemed clean. Unfortunately, three out of the four toilets in the men's comfort station were out of order due to plumbing issues.
    Not sure I'd go back to Fairbank anytime soon, but it was a welcomed get-a-way from the "New Norm" that we all are living in these days. And hey, its another park crossed off the list.
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