Figured out a way


I'd rather be camping!!
Aug 22, 2013
San Diego via MN
I was looking for a very basic truck camper to put an axle under before I found my 1973 MW pup, but dang are they all so expensive...


Happy Campin'
May 21, 2010
Sutter Creek CA
To use my truck camper And my truck bed at the same time
I'm all for mods and thinking outside of the box but why not keep the camper on the truck as designed and use the trailer for whatever you would use the truck bed for since you towing a trailer. Or, sell the camper and get a toy hauler TT. That drop in will bring a price well above a used toy hauler. Just seems a bit combersom and sort of moot to me but you have to have fun with you own camping style, so good for you!

Happy Campin'