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Discussion in 'Tow Vehicles, Hitch & Towing' started by Matt Broxt, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. Matt Broxt

    Matt Broxt New Member

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    Nov 26, 2019
    i have a 2000 Mercedes E320 wagon I can only find 1 1/4” hitches in the us

    It is plenty good for towing and is done often in Europe.

    So I’m thinking of ordering this

    Are there any domestic sources?
  2. Sjm9911

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    May 31, 2018
    It depends on what your towing, that really doesn't look too strong. If your towing a bike or something it should be ok. The rating is less then a 1 1/4 hitch.
  3. Snow

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    Jul 19, 2007
    Forget the euro specs for your car.. unless of course you live in Europe, those specs are useless for North America..

    That hitch is rated for less then 200lbs tongue weight.. about all it can tow is a bike rack..
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  4. Dingit

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    Mar 8, 2017
    I towed a lighter popup with a 1-1/4 hitch. If that's what fits your car, you probably shouldn't be pulling anything that requires a bigger hitch. :)
  5. Spridle

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    Jun 6, 2011
    USA aims for 10% to 15% tongue weight and speeds of 70mph or more. Europeans regularly tow with 5% to 7% tongue weight and keep speeds strictly limited to 55mph for stability.

    In general the Curt hitches for german cars will just be 1.25" and bolt to the sheet metal of the trunk pan. Euro hitches bolt to the frame rails, often replacing the 5mph shocks on the USA cars. This is obviously a much stronger setup and can take quite a bit of load. However the ball setup isn't great. There have been a few folks over the years that use the Euro style mount to the frame and then have a fab shop weld up a traditional through the bumper 2" receiver. I have seen that mostly on Euro wagons with load leveling rear suspension though. Ends up being a very nice hauler, but takes time and money.

    The E320 is a stout car, although I don't remember the sedans having any load leveling suspension to them. I have no doubt something could be fabricated here to do what you want and be stable. You will just have to aim for closer to Euro tongue weights and keep your speed strictly limited.

    My friend just had a pretty bad accident in that car. Someone pulled out in front of them and he T boned them at speed. No serious injuries. But the Honda was obliterated and left on the flat bed. The MB is totaled because it pushed the frame rail back a bit, but it didn't even puncture the radiator. Car is still on the road and will be until Spring.

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