Fire ban already - would that stop you?


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Feb 7, 2013
Anchorage, AK
A fire ban would not impact my experience in the slightest. I stopped burning trees for my enjoyment a few years ago and now burn dinosaurs for enjoyment. The LP fire pit fits us so much better... 20 min fire? Sure, no sweat. Damp and rainy? So what.

This past weekend we were boondocking in an area and we watched a group of two small RVs sit around and have a nice big fire on the 4th. Then, they suddenly up and packed up all the ATVs and RVs and left. At the last minute, one guy dumped his beer on the fire, then they took off. I was absolutely furious! We're not in a ban...YET, but that's just plain old stupid! I took my wash tub full of water... say 2 gallons, and dumped it on there and the guy next to me was just as dumbfounded as I was. He went over too and took some water over to douse it a little more. We were both boondocking, so its not like we had a lot of access to water either.

But, my switch to LP had nothing to do with safety or hugging trees... it was all about the easy. I like the easy. Besides, I can burn trees for fun at my house easy without dragging the trees around in my truck, or buying questionable trees from some vendor at high prices.


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Jul 2, 2016
Fire bans aka fire restrictions don’t stop us from enjoying the beautiful pristine woods away from the AZ desert landscape we live in. We have our propane fire pit from our tent camping days. Its a decade old. Paid a pretty penny for it back then (expensive and not many models were available) but totally worth it. We got it back in 2011 because of fire restrictions and it’s allowed use during restrictions. Plus it’s so easy to maintain safely and convenient. Forest fires have gotten so bad in AZ that a majority of our forests will close down for awhile (stage III closures). Its closed until lots of rain storms occur and then rescinded afterwards. Even when forests do reopen, there’s stage II fire restrictions which includes no wood campfires, no charcoal use, smoking bans (only allowed inside a building, at a developed campground, inside 3 feet of barren land, and or inside a enclosed vehicle), no shooting, no explosives, no fireworks, and certain generators (without spark arresting devices).

more AZ folks would use propane fire pits to keep Forest fires down to a minimum. That would help our dry and fragile AZ forests from being burned down.

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Jun 10, 2014
We still go regardless. Definitely takes the wind out of the sails, but a propane firepit is nice for that. I have experienced several times in the last few years where even propane pits are banned. As silly as it sounds, balling up some blinking white Christmas lights and setting on the pit does quite a bit mimicking the ambiance.


Mar 16, 2017
Just like others said it pretty much is a common occurrence here in the southwest. In fact, we were under fire restrictions pretty early this year, and actually had a full forest closure for a couple weeks (thankfully with the rains coming finally it was just lifted earlier this week). Because of the regularity of fire bans, I bought a propane firepit (also nice since you can usually have them in the National Parks around here that don't allow fires at all).


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May 9, 2020
I don't understand why people are so attached to fires that they would actually consider not going camping because they can't have one. Unless you live in an apartment, you can build a firepit in your back yard and have a fire anytime you want (if there's not a fire ban where you live.) Why have a fire when it's warm out anyway? Also, many people don't know how to build a fire so it gets enough air and use wood that's too large, subjecting their neighbors to smoky fires. We mostly boondock but when we end up in an established campground we do not enjoy how smoky they get.


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Mar 8, 2017
I love fire bans. I don't like a lot of campfire smoke. I just wish the bans didn't coincide with real fires which of course are much worse. I haven't been able to go anywhere in the past several years without seeing fire. Few wildfires seem to have been caused by campfires, but I like to think that's because of the ban. We have enough fires to play with that we don't need extras.
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J Starsky

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Aug 3, 2017
East Central MN
It was odd to camp in Colorado with no fires for 4 days. We didn't skip the state for it, it was part of our loop from MN.

We did roast marshmallows over the open grill and made some flat iron pie sammies for giggles. Yep, I would have liked a fire but no way you could get away with it at the CG.


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Jul 30, 2012
Born and raised in CA, been around and through many fires, even been evacuated. The last one came within 25ft of our home, firefighters did an excellent job and saved our house but the fire burned about 3 acres of our property. Wasn't a campfire that caused this either, it was an idiot grinding in his shed. So doesn't matter if it's a campfire or not, idiots will continue to start fires.
@KrisJohnChalet - yep, many do not know how to start a campfire, which is a shame. But campfires are about the ambiance, roasting marshmallows and enjoying the company of family and friends outdoors. It's just not the same experience sitting at the table in the trailer making s'mores on the stove, which we've done in stormy weather.


Apr 10, 2020
Northern BC
When the kids were younger and we camped with a bunch of families, evening campfires were our favorite times. Singing, joking, telling riddles with all the kids & parents. I love campfires but would not have cancelled a trip because we couldn't have them. Now, we are grandparents and if we camp just my husband and I, we still have a campfire but if we camp with a group of friends, we almost never have a campfire because we are sitting at the picnic table playing games. We don't even miss them when there is a ban. While I have never tried a propane firepit, I don't think I would like it. It would not smell like a fire and I suspect the wieners or marshmallows would taste gassy....

Maria E

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Mar 2, 2021
Can’t believe it’s early July and a province-wide fire ban is already on in BC, Canada. We’ve had some unusually scorching temperatures and little rain, so the wildfires are burning. Usually I bring a trunkload of wood but for this trip, only a propane fire.

I still miss the wood burning fire but it’s so great to be out! Would a fire ban stop you?
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Nope - a fire ban wouldn't stop me!


Apr 12, 2021
Upstate NY
Im in the NE a fire ban might actually stop me from going to some campsites. Mostly because without a smudge fire going the mosquitos and black flies are unbareable.
On the other hand I've gotten 8" of rain this week alone. And THAT will deffinately stop me from camping. Anyone want to trade for a bit?


Apr 3, 2021
We've often had to camp without a fire since Colorado often has fire bans. I'm so glad I read this thread cuz I just ordered a propane little firepit. We don't care, anymore, to mess with fires, even with lots of firewood at our fingertips. And I get tired of moving cuz of the smoke, and on and on ... This will be great and I'm going to try it out on our back deck since evenings can get rather cool here, even in the summer.


Adventures with KODI in AZ
Jul 2, 2016
If anyone is interested in buying a propane firebowl (fire pit), I recommend the following:

My GF and I got one each. She got a different brand. She has smaller rocks and a smaller flame. My Outland has bigger rocks and flame so it works better. And I’ve roasted marshmallows for s’mores and hotdogs over the flame.

I’m an avid Costco shopper. I love their return policy and prices (known to be 20% less than other retailers) I have an earlier generation of this one from Costco. Unfortunately I got mine a decade ago (before Costco started selling them) through Amazon so it was $60-$80 dollars more than what you pay for at Costco. Plus if you don’t like it, you can return it for a refund. I would check in store first since it’s always cheaper than ordering online (shipping price is added into total price). They go on sale for $100 sometimes.

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