First freezing trip with popup


Oct 19, 2019
This weekend was our third trip in the popup but the first with below freezing temps. Got down to 27 degrees both nights, 50's during the day. We used 2 space heaters to stay warm in the camper at night and put reflectix in the windows of the bunk end that we used. The reflectix also helped to keep the light out from street light that was just outside our camper. Who puts a street light in a campground? We didn't use the water system except for the sink drain. Set an aquatainer beside the sink for water supply to clean dishes. We had company this time. Some friends of ours were there in a popup as well. We had a really good time. Next trip is Fort Pickens In Florida in a few weeks.


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Feb 24, 2011
NW Arkansas
There were 14 RV's in the parking lot where we had races this weekend. I would have been #15 but my son got sick so I just drove alone early this morning. It was 26 degrees at 7a.m. and 61 at 3:30p.m.
All were boondocking, but most were running generators.

Dan from Troup

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Apr 25, 2018
Troup, Texas
We just did our first freeze campout this weekend at Broken Bow Lake, Oklahoma. One small electric space heater kept interior temps at 65 at night without reflectix. Having a new dining tent was the cats meow with a buddy propane heater.


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Aug 23, 2018
Wilmington, NC
It was 30 Saturday night at Falls Lake SP near Raleigh. We had two space heaters going the first night. The second night the low as 41 and we only needed the one and it was almost overkill. Noticed as we were packing up yesterday that a zipper near the dining area had pulled open about a 1' length so that might have contributed to our being so cold. Canvas was so tight I couldn't get it to zip back up. Going to try to play with it this weekend.