First trip a bust


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Jul 31, 2012
We took our first trip in PUP close to home.Glad we did. It was 100+ temperature and it was so hot it was unreal. Ended up going back to the house to stay and will go back and get camper tomorrow. Our camper had a good vacation at camp ground by itself!!!!lol [:(]
Had solar on bunks and now going to cut reflectix to go in windows.
Think the temperature and humidity was just too much. Glad we were close to home.
Left the air conditioner on and when we went back it had quit working!! Oh, well guess we'll have to get it checked out.
I won't be defeated. I will plan on camping but maybe when it's a little cooler!!! :)


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Sep 2, 2012
I know, the heat was brutal this summer. We didn't even try to keep it cool from 3-5 p.m. We stayed in the water. I have asked my family to get me one of the popupgizmo shade things for christmas. We brought fans and a mister for sitting around the campsite.


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Mar 31, 2006
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Don't give up, camping in the heat is no fun with out AC for getting cool when needed and for getting a good night's sleep. Even with AC, I still prefer camping in cooler weather. Nothing like passing time around a warm campfire, and snuggling in the fresh brisk air. I am sure your next trip will be wonderful.


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Jun 8, 2012
Have you tried your A/C since? I had mine freeze up once because i ran it so cold it would cycle the compressor off occasionally and it quit blowing cold air due to the ice not allowing air to pass thru the cooling coil. just a thought but that could be all your problem was as far as the A/C goes. However you can still only cool a tent on a box so much when it is over 100 outside.


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Sep 8, 2007
Sorry to hear the heat was unbearable this w/e! This has been a hot summer! Hope future trips get better!


Sep 16, 2011
The heat was terrible this year! [SUN] Sites with shade were a premium this summer. It sounds like your AC maybe froze up on you? Have you tried it since? I like camping in cooler weather where you can enjoy sitting around a campfire and opening up the bunkends to enjoy the cooler air at nites. Trying to sit around a fire in the hot summertime is not fun at all. Hope your next trip out will be better. Fall, hurry up and get here!



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Jun 21, 2012
Our N2U camper AC unit also wasn't performing to its peak.
Might be against rules but we purchased a new AC from Adventure RV (dot) net.
They had the best prices even with shipping.

Right now Coleman Mach III are on sale:

Coleman MACH 3+ 13500 btu Air Conditioner Upper Unit* 2 Year Factory Warranty. $429

Their customer service was also very good. Took care of an issue we had.

Good luck!!! You will be back out there in no time. :)


Dec 6, 2004
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froggie said:
I know, the heat was brutal this summer. We didn't even try to keep it cool from 3-5 p.m. We stayed in the water. I have asked my family to get me one of the popupgizmo shade things for christmas. We brought fans and a mister for sitting around the campsite.

Did you get a Missus too [:D]


Jul 26, 2010
We're comming up on prime camping season (at least in MD). Fall is perfect around here, the leaves, the weather, the lack of sweat. We take more trips in late Sept-Nov than any other time of year. I'd rather be cold, and bundled up around a huge fire than sweating without a shower in our PUP...yuck.


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Apr 4, 2011
Y'all are dead on! The ONE trip we've been able to make this year, was over 100 3 of the 5 days. The under 100 days were like 99 and 100% humidity. It was miserable, but it was a good break. And WAY better than staying at home! [LOL]

This week we'll have 70s daytime and 40-50s at night. Right now it's 51 outside and 68 inside. Man am I going to sleep tonight!!



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Feb 21, 2011
We don't have AC in our pup, so we only camp at the beach or elevation when it's hot! [:D] No way you'd get me out in 100deg heat to camp....I think the Fall and Spring are the best times to camp anyways...less crowded.


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Aug 14, 2008
I can sympathize with your weekend. Sorry it didn't work out for you the first time out. It would be nice for that first time to just sail through and be a great memory. For you, it will be a memory, just not the best one.

My three-week experience from last year was this: 102 degrees in the shade but I was parked on a fresh, black asphalt lot. On the shady side of the pup, it was 107 with all of the stored up heat, at 5:00 in the afternoon. Humidity was high.
I had Popup Gizmos over the bunk ends, solar blankets under the mattresses and the A/C running on max. I also threw up a silvery tarp on the afternoon sunny side to provide a little shade as I was completely out in the open.

It hit 85-90 inside during the day, so it was not perfect. But by 7:00 p.m., inside was down in the 70s and by sleeping time was in the 60s (I love to sleep cold).

I say all of that to say that it can be done, with the right steps and a functioning A/C. From what you describe, you're only missing a functioning A/C. Unfortunately, that's the most critical and most expensive part of the operation.


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Aug 14, 2012
Our first trip was a bust also. Torrential downpours and tornado warnings. The 1 year kept waking up from the loud rain. We broke camp the next morning and went home early.

Agreed about Fall and Spring being the best times. The campground was relatively empty 9/7 - 9/8.

Keep trying, you'll get your successful trips.


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Feb 9, 2011
You wouldn't get me out in that heat camping whether I had A/C or not. It's just too hot and then you end up spending all of your time in the camper trying to stay cool with the A/C. My suggestion would be more "off-season" camping...fall, winter, spring and forget the summers unless you can get to some elevation to cool things down.


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Jul 30, 2012
Looks like everyone is chiming in with the very things I'd say: gotta have the a/c working, gotta find shade, gotta not camp in the summer in Texas (what part of the state are you in, btw?)

We'll start our camping season in two weeks- I couldn't bear to think of camping this summer in the south Texas region. We'll go fall-winter-spring and enjoy the cold nits and an awesome fire. You can always snuggle up and put on blankets/jackets... In the summer there's only so much you can take of and still be allowed in a public campground!

Good luck, and don't let the first trip turn you off!!

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