First Trip a Success!!!

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    Jul 9, 2018
    We had picked up our NTU popup on a Monday and had a busy week so did not set up at home or do a camp driveway.
    Our plan was to go about an hour and a half away over the weekend. We keep our daughter's three boys while she and her husband work and we had to meet to get them Saturday for most of the day.
    We got off to a late start due to work and then were slowed down by construction then a VERY slow check in guy who thought our reserved site still had previous campers on it. It was about 8:30 and getting dark when we finally got to our site.
    The neighbors had three trucks parked along the road and were nowhere in sight. There was no room for us to turn and back into our site, so we backed up the road and requested a different site which we were given. In hindsight I wonder if all those trucks had been on our site and that's why the guy thought it was occupied.
    Our new site was a pull through right across from the bathhouse. Not a lakefront or as private as our original, but worked out just fine. For some reason I was excited to see a popup across from us.
    I had printed great directions from Roberts Campers in Denver that I had found online :
    We read this and set up by flashlight and the light from the bathhouse.
    It was surprising easy to level--I had Andersen levelers and we did not even need.
    We are a great team and things I was unsure of he remembered and vice versa. Set up was easier than we imagined and we enjoyed our first night in our new camper.
    We turned on the refrigerator and let cool overnight then filled with food from cooler the next morning.
    We did not know how to turn on water heater and our manual had been left in drawer after walkthrough, so we didn't use. It was so easy to hit the switch the next time once I read the manual!! For that trip we boiled water for dishes just as if we were tent camping.
    I had brought a big package of foam alphabet puzzles from home. We had them for the grandkids and my husband hates them because there seem to be a few pieces in every room. I put them under our mattress and so far no one has missed them at home. The bed was still a little hard so maybe the anti fatigue mats are better. I like these because they don't smell so maybe I'll have to try something else next time.
    We camped at McKaskey Creek which is an Army COE campground near Cartersville, GA on Lake Alatoona. It's about halfway between Atlanta and Chattanooga about 10 minutes off exit 290 of I-75.
    It has 50 sites and it is an easy walk to the swimming beach from any of them. It was less than half full and very peaceful. The bathhouse was clean and never crowded. We were there the weekend before Labor Day and after Labor Day it closes till mid March. We walked around and made notes of sites we like because I am sure we will be back. I will do a review of it on the campground board.
    We had a great time with the boys on the playground, playing in the sand at the beach, and in the water.
    We again camped Labor Day weekend and it was SO MUCH EASIER the second time. I'm thinking we must go again this weekend so we don't forget everything but someone might not agree.
    I am loving our camper. Every time I open the garage door I just wanna hitch it up and go. Sadly, other plans the next few weekends.
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    Oct 6, 2012
    Congratulations! Glad to hear you had a successful weekend (ok, 2 weekends)!
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    The first one went great so now you are hooked:) like the rest of us. Sounds like a nice CG to visit and I am glad ya;ll had a great adventure and made some memories. Good luck and Keep On Camping

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