first trip in 84 jayco....

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    Aug 25, 2016
    [PUC] so after i painted it, added a battery mount, upholstered inside and added new lights and diamond plate to the back we took it for the weekend to davis lake in ca. nice campground.
    few things that need improvement.....30 amp breaker in bat line. i put a fuse but only had five amp fuses. lol it was fine tell i moved trailer with panel on. right now i only have two light bulbs on 12vt. the other thing need additional padding on bed...hurt my hip.
    as for my diaphram i made for manual pump...perfect. drain gasket i also made perfect.
    the nice thing i can set up the trailer while its hooked to my excursion so late night set up was ok.
    next im going to sew up an awning and screen room in dark brown.
    found out that yes it could sleep eight....but not with my dane and lab lol. they were blown away by this tent thingy that we dont lay on the ground. we have beds.
    ill need to replace tires. i pulled off one. it had to be the spare and it came apart on the back of the trailer in the sun. but no problems at all. great trip

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    Oct 13, 2014
    Glad your trip went well. Any pictures of how you used the diamond plate?

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