First trip with the NTU tt


Sep 27, 2014
So I posted about our new tt the last couple weeks and had our maiden voyage this past weekend.

We headed out to Livingston state park just north of Houston. We knew rain was supposed to be present but were surprised at how there was no actual rain leading up to the trip. No rain that morning or afternoon. No rain on the drive there. When did the rain start? As soon as we checked in!!!!!

Backing up in the dark and in the rain was no easy feat. I'm rather proud I got it on the 3rd attempt. The wife of course helped. The iball was wonderful; just not helpful in the dark.

Setting up was a breeze! Putting out the awning was a wonderful experience and didn't take long at all even on my first attempt on my own.

It rained the ENTIRE weekend. I actually felt bad for a group of Girl Scouts that had pitched up tents in the rain. They ended up leaving early. The whole weekend, we only had 3-4 other occupied sites in our loop. We got some much needed rest and relaxation. Watched movies and planned out our summer outings.

We loved the pup but we are very grateful for the tt. The ice cream is wonderful.


2013 sportsmen classic tt
2008 GMC Sierra