Fixed my sink drain

Got up the energy to tackle a long overdue project and replace the drainage plumbing between the sink and the outside wall. Ripped out the old flexible hose and replaced it with clear corrugated 1 1/4 hose. It's a little heavy but won't collapse under use (I hope).
Now I just need a way to get the grey water to the bucket or container. Gotta do some more searching.
I also 3D printed some Twist catches as backups to keep in the Pup, just in case.
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Oct 10, 2013
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Nice job, I’d be interested how it does. I agree, that flex pipe is a lot to be desired. As far as your outside hookup to Your gray tank I took the measurement of the fitting which was an odd size and spent hours in the home improvement store in the PVC section trying to come up with a pipe to fit. I was concerned that if I narrowed the pipe to hose size it could cause a slow up. It was already slow draining and didn’t want it worse by going down to a hose with little to no air. I managed to find A pvc fitting that screwed Onto the outside fitting and by using an elbow and straight pipes of equal size got something that can reach the gray water container I have. Now what I really wanted was to utilize the big flex pipe you see on big rigs to empty their tanks but just couldn’t find the appropriate fittings.


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Jul 19, 2007
A lot of members who experience a slow draining sink make a Tee fitting out of pvc, that has a stand pipe (vent) on the top, a similar design to how your house drains all work.

I think a 4 inch stinky slinky would be a bit over kill for a sink drain.
UPDATE: I came up with an issue when closing up the bunk, over the folded sink. The tubing is too thick and rigid, and causes a serious amount of drag when sliding in the bunk. Other than that, all works great. I think I'm going to try strapping it down close to the hole it comes up through, and maybe relieving the edge of the opening a bit. If that doesn't work, then a smaller diameter tube will be necessary.

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