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    We just returned from visiting lake Louisa State park in Clermont, Fl. We arrived Tuesday and left on friday. The campground was really nice and clean. The staff is nice and are friendly. The restrooms are clean and the whole campground is only a few years old. There are 50 amp site available if anyone needs them. Several sites also have sewage hooks ups.The sites are gravel and fairly level and quite a few are pull thrus, There are two lakes, with fishing docks.Shopping is available close by, with a Wally World / Publix etc. within striking distance
    Now for the bad news, you will have no trouble setting up the satelite antenna as there is no shade anywhere, plenty of small trees but absolutely no shade so make sure you have an AC in the PU or you may melt. . There is no boat ramps to launch the boat in the lakes, Both lakes are electric motor only, and to launch the boat/ canoe/kayak etc. you hae to carry the boat and equipment down a dock, down steps and launch. The campground is pretty well booked on weekends so during the week is better. It also is booked solid during the winter when the snowbirds are down. We had an enjoyable time but will not return because there are no boat ramps or shade.

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    Here is a link to 24 photos of Lake Louisa State Park.

    Great Park, clean bathrooms, no shade!

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    We stayed a few weeks ago at Lk Griffin SP near Leesburg. Nice small campground and very clean, there is a boat ramp but not sure how large the lake is or if connected to a chain. Most of the sites were nicely shaded. I was worried when we pulled in that the campsites seemed very close to US27 but was very quiet except for the occasional sirens going by. Shopping is very close by and the site was only $16 for the night with water/electric.
    I wanted to stay at Lk. Louisa in a few weeks but they are booked solid so we may return to Lk Griffin.

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