FL - Lake Victor Private CG


Stimulus Package
Aug 7, 2009
I must say this had been one of the best CGs we have stayed at to date.

Cons: The only problems was the lack of playground for the kids and being a small CG, it catered more towards guys staying there for a week or two fishing. The layout left a little to be desired but they did have some equipment there and looks like they may be expanding. Not many trees but the site we had did have some.

Kind of a pro and a con, there was a street lamp right above our site so there was always light at night when sleeping, which in our case is fine with the kids. Not much need for your own external lighting. Plus we also had the full moon which was nice.

Pros: The spot we stayed in was the minimal available at this CG. It had full power 20/30/50A, water, sewer and even a nice 20x10ft deck right in front of the camper, which was just a slight step down from our popup. Then in front of the deck was a pea gravel (river rock type) area with a nice picnic table and fire grate (old washing machine drum). There were a few trees above which looked like it will help protect against the sun during the summer but they were still budding/small leaves so it didn't help much this trip, which was not a big deal because it was 60s during the day and 40s at night. Some of the spots had an even larger deck and a roof over the spot to keep the sun off the camper.
There is a lot of wasted space but it is a private CG, and the signs did say "under new management" which I understand has been going on 2 years now. They did have some heavy equipment out running some new electrical and water, and I did send them an email with suggestions for more spots and a few other things.

They do have 2 private CG only docks to walk out and fish from, even includes some (worn) chairs and a table.

The third day the wind had died down enough where I could get my canoe out on the water but did not have any luck with the fish, and apparently neither has anyone else for the past month or two. I did take my oldest daughter to the bottom side of the dam and caught several small shellcrackers (like bluegill) and even a 4" shad.

Overall my rating is 4/5, and with a little work this could be a much better CG.

I would definitely recommend this to others that may be visiting the FL panhandle, but make sure you call ahead and reserve the site ahead of time.


Heres a few pics from my cell phone.