Fleetwood Sequoia (maybe Niagara?) Interior Parts

Discussion in 'FreeCycle' started by Bo Jones, Jan 18, 2021.

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    This is my first post but I've been lurking here for quite sometime - THANK YOU to all that helped me with ideas!! I hope to someday repay you with a post about my work...

    I have most of the interior of a 2006 Fleetwood Sequoia available for give away after a remodel. I've had the trailer since the summer of 2018 and remodeled the interior that Fall. What I have are all the cushions, all the cabinet carcasses and countertops from the sink/stove and microwave cabinets, I reused the dinette bench pieces. All the doors are available though the laminate is starting to curl at the edges. I think the only hardware still in use are the turn latches for the pot and under bench drawers, so the rest should be there. All the curtains and valances, though I believe we stole all the slider clips for reuse. All the white shoilet surround is available as well (I dropped the shower tub 5" to fit my 6'6" frame and had to custom make a surround). One mattress, the faucet, fire extinguisher with niche, and thermostat with niche. (The kids have Amazon twin mattresses and the DW and I put a topper on our mattress) All the items are practically in perfect condition, the only issues I would say they have is some bug holes on the bunk curtains, some of the thermofoil laminate on the cabinet carcasses has been sanded as I was trying to figure out my path, and a little water swelling on the shower front. They did smell rather... closed up, not musty, just inside a closed, non-leaking camper for about 5 years, according to the P.O. Since removal they've been stored in my climate controlled shop, which now has a trace of musty basement scent because I moved all my dad's leaky basement shop in there. Smell wise I'd say they're a 7 on a scale with 10 being factory fresh and 1 being the smell of a truck seat left in the woods for the last 5 years. I have pictures of everything I can share.

    As far as getting them to you, that's the snag. I'm just north of Charlottesville, VA and I don't feel like I have time to crate this stuff up and get it to a freight depot. We also rarely go any where lately (thanks COVID!) so I don't feel like I could just throw it in the back and bring it to you along the way. PM me and we'll see if we can work something out. I'm grateful for being in the position where my time is more valuable than money but I do hate for this stuff to get thrown away when I know somebody could use it, all because my wife got excited about another decorating project and I got excited about making Merry Popup more functional and durable.

    Also, I'm open to suggestions for getting this info to someone that could use it - we'll see how the response is here.

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