Florida Caverns State Park

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    I just spent 4 days at Florida Caverns State Park in Marianna Fl. My site was concrete and completely level, as was a lot of them each site has sewer hook up (unusual in Fl. State parks) New electrical pedestals, New picnic table I did not do the cavern tour (been there done that) has walking trails, horse trails and an equestrian area with three campsites. Fishing, canoeing, boat ramp swimming hole,just a nice place to relax, which I did as did Pebbles my camping puppy. Bathrooms were clean, there is also a washer and dryer and concrete walkways between bathhouse and sites. I recommend the CG, kids would really enjoy it as there is lots for kids to do, also being in Marianna there is shopping nearby and a Wally World as well as restaurants. he list they gave me at check in has a min. of 44 places listed.
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    We stayed there this past Feb, just one night as a stop over on the trip home...We did the flashlight tour, with a new trainee tour guide. was just us 5 and 2 guides....and our 5 YO grandson had them wrapped around his finger. Done some hiking the next day before hitting the road....
    I would also highly recommend staying here.

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