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    Feb 6, 2017
    My new to me 2010 Coachman Clipper 128ST popup has the normal sraight braces to support both the king and the queen mattresses. In addition there ard 2 sets of hinged folding braces that I know provide extra support for the king bunk. I saw a picture of them installed on a popup on Popup Portal, but it did indicate where they hooked into the popup. I believe one goes into the trailer frame (there is a slot for it), but I cannot locate anything to hold the other end into position. Can anyone, please, help?

    Many thanks and safe travels,

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    May 4, 2020
    On my StarCraft I have an extra set for the front bunk that are hinged. Two straight rods that go into brackets on the bottom of the bed platform and into holes on the tongue, the hinged set looks like a big squared "Q" with two hinged rods that also go into the tongue. The "U" shape ends have small bent ends that drop into brackets before sliding the bed out. So when setting up you get the "U" shape piece, make sure the bed is slid in far enough to access the brackets. Drop the bent ends into the brackets and the two hinged rods into the tongue. Slide the bed out to its fullest point, then the two loose rods get inserted into platform brackets as well as tongue.
    Not sure if this is the same or similar, hope it helps!
    Happy Camping DustyRoad!
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    Jul 1, 2019
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    Oh how I WISH I had taken picks of my STARCRAFT 2106 when I had'er

    I had to ADD the very front support bunk brace you are referring too. My '96 model year didn't have it as an option.

    I ordered the front extra support arm from the dealer. Found a newer unit and took measurements for the hitch/tongue 4" 90 degree angle iron brace(s) on the unit's hitch and the insert hole locations on the front wall.

    Got some 4" angle 3/16" angle iron about 5" in length, and drilled out about a 1" hole on the "up" facing side for the support arms to drop into

    After more measuring I then used dremel cutoff wheel and cut grooves wide enough in the front wall metal trim piece of the camper so the angled bend of the horseshoe upper portion of the arm would drop in.

    With the bed NOT pulled out and the 2 angled bends inserted into the newly cut holes...... I dropped the 2 attached arms and inserted the ends into the 4" angle iron pieces (x2) and slid them down the hitch unit the support horseshoe was just a hair off level angled UP - tack welded - checked measurements - pulled the bed out to make sure it would work - the welded & painted.

    My old camper is still being used to this day - with this setup - so.....

    A little "modd'in" - all good. Hope this helps


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