Ford escape as TV


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Aug 3, 2008
Who's driving an Escape as their Tow Vehicle? What are the pros and cons? (Obviously, we're starting to consider a new TV (to pull a small PUP -- under 2k lbs), and we're wondering about the Escape.


Jun 26, 2010
Our TV is 2008 Escape (v6). With the brake controller & a small Pup (<2k lbs), we've had no problems. The Escape is rated for 3500lbs, but I think that would be pushing it. Just make sure to turn the OD off when hauling the Pup.


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Jun 24, 2008
Northern KY
We towed with it's sister, the mazda tribute untill we got new TV. I estimated the camper was about 2600 lbs. Had no problems at all with the setup. It was on a few 3 hour trips (one way). Just take it easy and watch that small wheel base and you should do fine. Like triple said, towed with OD off.


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Apr 15, 2007
North Carolina

Only problem I have had is the front tires spinning on a gravel road, especially starting at at the bottom of a hill.

Good gas mileage all times, but not much less towing the camper. Tows well, brakes well, and very little "squating" in the back when hooked up.


Nov 2, 2009
Ontario Canada
When we were looking for a new tv, we looked at the Escape and the Toyota Rav4. We went with the Rav4 because of stopping distance they both had the same towing weight. But the Rav4 has 4 wheel disc and the Escape has Discs on the front and drums on the back. Been towing with the Toyota for 2 years and no problems. The Toyota was order with the tow package and the 3.5L v6 and is all wheel drive. When i first started towing 25 years ago I used a front wheel drive car and that was the last front wheel drive I used to tow. I am a firm believer in towing with rear or all wheel drive tv.


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May 20, 2010
Some of you guys are towing tiny little PUPs.... There is no way a Ford escape could tow my E2 -- I think the entire TV would explode :) haha

- Hakrjak


Jun 26, 2010
The Escape also comes standard with the transmission cooler. One thing to keep in mind, the one negative, (doesn't have anything to do with towing..) is that unless you get leather interior - the seat material is CRAP! It stains super easy, even water will leave a discoloration.


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Apr 5, 2008
really the only downside we've had is on a couple of the major highways on our way up camping, there are large sections 10-15 kms that are concrete paved. the short wheelbase of the Escape is close enough to the same distance from the back axle to the trailer axle that the cut lines in the road seem to set up some harmonics. the bounce is slight but *constant*. it's a bad sign when the driver is feeling car sick...


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Feb 11, 2010
hakrjak said:
Some of you guys are towing tiny little PUPs.... There is no way a Ford escape could tow my E2 -- I think the entire TV would explode :) haha

- Hakrjak
I can say the same thing about our 625D [;)]
CUVs are cars, and should be treated as such.


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Nov 1, 2007
Brampton, Ontario
I tow with a Mazda MPV, same engine as the Escape but later year Escapes (2009 and up I think) got a big bump in HP from 200 to 240.

I also tow a light weight, 1250 lbs. Its fine for that. My wheelbase is longer though I think. I would bet the Escape suspension is better.

My PUP isn't tiny, its a ten foot, we just live without AC, shower, potty etc. I'm not one of the "only full size pickups should tow" brigade, but I do think those of us with smaller vehicle have to recognize the limits. I'd never think of towing an E2 with my TV


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Apr 17, 2005
Granger, IN
Should be fine for a small PUP under 2k, but if you are planning to buy a new TV, why not buy more towing capacity? Longer wheel base and heavier platform would increase the margin of safety.


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Apr 20, 2010
Ok for flat terrain and smaller PUPs only. However, more light weight Pup options today.


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Sep 7, 2003
Southern Ontario, Canada
I honestly can't say enough good things about my Escape. I have the XLT V6 4WD and it's a 2003. Never a problem.

I currently tow a Rockwood which I estimate fully loaded is about 2000 pounds. I have never had a problem towing. The Escape does a great job -- hardly know it's there most of the time. Struggles a bit up long steep hills, but that's about it. I pretty much always run with OD off -- that is my only concession. Mileage sucks of course. I'm sure it could handle another 4 or 5 hundred pounds easily.

Escape is a great all round vehicle. I even put about 650 pounds of dirt in it the other day (weighed in and out). Did a great job.