Forest River deletes their Premier Line

Mike Up

Oct 2, 2018
Northwest Indiana
Posted this at the Forest River Forum but thought I'd share the news here.

Now Forest River only has the Freedom line, Highwall Line (HW276 deleted), ESP off road line, and Hardwall A frame and A frame Highwall.

They moved the 2514 and 2716 to the Freedom changing them from 2514g and 2716g to 2514F and 2716F.

Gone are the 2280, 2317g, 2514g, 2516g, 2716g, and the HW276.

New additions to Freedom line are 2514F and 2716F as I said.

Didn't follow the ESP and A frames as didn't look like any were deleted.

Here's the new 2020 brochure and website stating deleted models as DSO (Dealer Stock Only).

When I went to buy my camper, the Premier models added features were the best bang for the buck compared to the Freedom models. That's why I went with a Premier.

Hate to see models getting deleted. That's what Jayco did right before killing off their Pop Ups all together.

Glad I got my 2020 2716g as the Premier line had a lot of upgrades over the Freedom line for little money. Now you have to go to the 2 high wall models which won't fit in most garages, to get those features. That's why I didn't want a High Wall. IMO, I may as well went to a small travel trailer if it can't be put in a garage.

Funny thing is that my camper is a 2020, but it was built May of 2019. It has the 2020 upgraded combo exterior door/staircase but exterior 2019 color scheme. New 2020 premier high walls have a difference exterior color and scheme from the earlier 2020 and 2019 models. However in the 2020 manual, my 2716g is not in there as the Premier line is completely deleted.
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