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    May 24, 2018
    We currently have a coleman popup and were considering upgrading to a hybrid, with that being said, we have a trip planned to fort desoto to the popup and tent section, sites 1-85, and were afraid that if we upgrade before our trip that they wont let us stay at our site.
    their guidlines are that campers need to stay under 16ft, even though the sites can accommodate them, i have gotten the OK that hybrids are allowd at the sites since they are still considered a "popup type" but they said nothing over 16ft.

    the hybrid were looking at is 24 ft and I do know with the truck and all it could fit at all of the sites we like in that area and i have seen campers around the same size and bigger stay there all the time, also every time we have checked in they have never measured the camper or checked what type it was so i dont really know what to think....
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    I would call and ask. It would suck to pull up there with the new hybrid and be turned away.
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