Fort Pickens in August?

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    So we have a new TT and a new TV, and we're looking at a long journey. I found Sun-Sat availability at Ft Pickens E loop with electricity the first week of Aug. First question: why? I figured it would be booked solid in the summer. Second, I know it's hot in Fl in the summer, but it looks close enough to the gulf where we wouldn't be sweltering. True or false? Last question: would I be better off if I move my vaca to mid September?
    Anything else I should know about the cg or the area? Mosquitoes as big as fighter jets? Fire ant preserve nearby?
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    We went to Pensacola Beach a few weeks ago and visited Ft Pickens several times. They have a great beach! I would like to go back and camp there. I did see some good video reviews of the campground on YouTube. Oh and saw the Blue Angles practicing several times.
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