Fort Stevenson State Park ND

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    Great State Park with beautiful views and sunsets along the north shore of Lake Sakakawea. This SP hosts many activities all year long starting in spring with a kite flying event. Camp sites are clean and well organized. We camped a couple times here in the past several years and will return again.
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    Just back from Ft Stevenson State Park. Above is site #39e. We've also bee at site #3. The loop that's shaped like a sock is the best, most shade, and over the weekend, it was full to exploding. There's no T-Mobile service or wireless in park, but there is WiFi at Marina. The new bathroom/shower house is delightful, with large showers in main bathroom, two good sized and one HUGE 5 x 10 all with ample hooks and shelf, and two "family bathrooms" with toilet, sink and shower.


    During week, it was sparsely populated, but for the weekend, oh my, lone pop up in a sea of HUGE trailers, HUGE boats and HUGE trucks, often 2 or more vehicles and trailer and boat for each, with parking across the street in the grass.

    FYI, the trees in the park are in trouble, most are 1/2 dead, some completely leafless, and they're ash trees. I asked, and ranger said "we don't know what it is, there have been no REPORTED ash borers." She kept saying "reported" so I wonder... what's not being "reported" -- what else could it be?
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