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    We spent 4 days in the Franklin Mountains in early July this year. I didn't see a review for this campground, so I thought I would add some information.

    Be warned - there are pit toilets and no showers, but the bathrooms were clean when I was there. There is no water anywhere in the park, so come prepared. There are also no electric hookups, and the RV section is more like a parking lot than a campsite.

    The good news, however, is that you are above 5000 ft elevation, so heat is less of a factor and breezes keep you pretty cool. Unzip the windows and you might even get too cold at night - even in July! It was in the 60s-70s at night and we were plenty cool enough without our AC or fans. Also, the park was nearly empty even on a weekend. We had the place to ourselves 1 night, and only 1 or 2 other tent campers on the other nights. Very peaceful here! You can also cruise around to the Wyler Aerial tramway and take a neat little ride up to the top of the mountains for a great view. It is not too scary for those who are concerned about heights -- I had no problems with it. The tram is fully enclosed (but with lots of windows), and you're never too far from the mountain so it isn't like a big drop below you.

    Because the park was so empty and the tent sites are quite large, the ranger greeted us as we came in and told us not to bother with the RV section. We were welcomed to grab any site where we'd be sufficiently off the roads. In the back, there are some sites that overlook a canyon -- very nice layout.

    The Franklin Mountains are brown and rocky with lots of cactus. It is a desert, of course. Hiking can be hot and difficult. There are more beautiful mountains, but coming from the flat coastal plains we rather enjoyed our stay here. You can also make a day trip in to White Sands, NM from here -- sledding down the sandhills is a blast!


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