Frontier Town, Berlin/Ocean City, Maryland

Dave Moz

Jul 15, 2021
Editing to note that after weighing the good/bad of Sun Outdoors Frontier Town (formerly known as just Frontier Town), we have decided to cancel our 2022 reservation in favor of a much smaller and quieter campground (Read 2022 review of Island Resort RV CO-OP) in the area.

The new owners, Sun Outdoors, have drastically increased the price of sites. Also, reviews left on other sites after our stay in July have made us really rethink our plans.

2020 Rates for a standard water/electric back-in spot:
  • $153.34 x 8 Nights - $1,226.75
  • Campground Fees
  • Site Lock Fee $25
  • Online Convenience Fee $3
  • Resort Amenity Fee $79.92
  • Total Campground Fees $107.92
    Site Total - $1,334.67
To compare, if one was to book a similar site at Sun Outdoors Ocean City Gateway (formerly known as Fort Whaley) the same week, the cost would be $888.70. (We did not book here either.)

First off, going to state outright that this is not the place for everyone.
With almost 700 sites, a water park, cabins, a marina, and more, it can get damn busy. So if you are looking for a remote campground to visit Assateague Island or OCMD, this is not it.

That being said, we had a great time here in July 2021.

The great:
Site X09 -Standard water and electric back in site.
We booked very late when there were only a few sites left for our time period. The site was very wide with a couple of trees in/around it. Plenty of room for our SUV, pup, screen tent, canopy tent, two hammocks, the fire pit, and extra room beyond that.
The site was also very level and easy to back up into.
We didn't feel butted up right against the other sites either. There was some good shade provided by the trees as well (which is important to us).
Water was at post behind the spot with spigots for two spots on the post. The one group of campers set their tent right next to the spigot so it was a little tight while they were there. (We don't have a sink in our pup so ran a hose to it.)
Electric was provided on posts for each individual site.
Fire pits were moveable so you can space yourself out as needed.
Picnic table was in good shape.
In the picture, you can see where site x07 ends and ours begins. The end of our site is a few feet behind our pop-up and truck. There was platy of room to put down guy wires for the tarp covering the pop-up.
It only rained one night, and while other sites had problems with water pooling/collecting, we didn't have any drainage issues.
FT site.jpg

Location - FT is just a 15 minute drive to either OCMD or Assateague Island. Straight shot for either. They also offer a free shuttle to OC, and a $1 shuttle to the state park.
The new laundry area - Situated in a newer part of the campground, the machines are brand new. They are run by app and don't take cash. There are also individual bathrooms with showers in the same building.

The marina - We took a chartered fishing trip with Lucky Break charters right from the marina. Had an excellent time, caught a good number of fish, and the crew was very helpful. If you have a boat, there are sites with slips available. There is also a fishing/crabbing pier.
At night, lots of families and kids were hanging out, fishing, crabbing, and just enjoying being outside.
FT pier.jpg

The darn good:
Camp store - Well stocked and the prices weren't that bad for many items. Variety of food, drinks, alcohol, snacks, and more.

The water park - Included in the price of camping, the water park 5 multiple slides, a big kiddie pool, and a lazy river. Three of the water slides at some points had lines of 20 minutes. Non-campers can also pay to enter.

Walkability - While it is a HUGE campground, I found it very walkable and easy to navigate. The water park is a bit far so I drove the kids to that but my wife walked it.

The other campers - We met a lot of really nice folks while there. I also accidently destroyed the post card from there when we got home, made a comment on a Facebook group about it, and someone who was there the next week mailed a replacement to me. We also met some great people at the pier while crabbing and hanging out. Those who respect the campground are the best kinds of campers.

The good:
The overall campground - A variety of spots from right on the bay to next to the woods, there is something for everyone here. It's a big place but also walkable to most points. There is a 'concrete pool' and playground just for campers that our kids really enjoyed. At the pavilion, they had pay-for kid activities every day.

The bathrooms - When they were cleaned and taken care of properly, the bathrooms were really good. When campers decided to disrespect the areas, ugh. They also need to add another one closer to the section we were in. AC was not working in one of them but that wasn't a deal breaker for us.

Arcade - Not the cheapest but the kids had fun.

The meh:
To many golf carts - With 120 carts rented per day, and all those who bring their own carts... It got a little hectic at times while walking and/or driving around. (See attached picture for what happened a few nights after we were there.)

Reserving a site - The web site does not have accurate pictures of the sites. Also, you have to pay an extra $25 to "lock-in" your site.... I mean, isn't that what a reservation is when you pick a site? From the site: "While we guarantee your chosen site type and amenities, our automated optimization system may change your site location. You can guarantee your chosen site location by paying a $25.00 lock fee."

Kids on bikes - Soooo many kids just zooming around without paying attention. Add into it kids with training wheels just riding down the middle of lanes with no adults around.

Campers who have no respect for the area or the rules - Of course you find these folks everywhere. And with a campground this size you might have more than normal. One cabin was partying hard one night and security shut them down. The next night they had a fire that overflowed their pit and just left it. They came back to security putting it out and were ticked off.

Things we didn't get to do:
Wild West Shows. Mini-golf (discounted for campers). Golf cart rental. Cabins.

Overall, we had a fantastic trip and have already booked for 2022.
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May 31, 2018
Ok just looked up prices, and most sites are gone for next year. If anything it will be a 2 night stay. Lol. It was 230 a night for a full hook up. I know they include the water park, but wow. The cabin was cheaper. Lol.


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Jul 19, 2007
I wonder if this is the same frontier town I went to as a kid.? Back then most if our U.S camping was in upstate NY and Vermont..

Dave Moz

Jul 15, 2021
Ok just looked up prices, and most sites are gone for next year. If anything it will be a 2 night stay. Lol. It was 230 a night for a full hook up. I know they include the water park, but wow. The cabin was cheaper. Lol.

Yeah the prices are a bit high. For the area though, there's not many other options. Two of the other campgrounds in the area (Castaways & Fort Whaley) are owned by the same parent company - Sun RV Resorts.
They have a very loyal following at FT. So we went to the front office on the last day of our trip to see what spots were open for the same week in 2022. They gave us a list, we drove around to find one we liked, and then reserved it before we left.

Look up other reviews as well before you book. Some folks have a very different opinion. ;)


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May 31, 2018
It definitely is something we would do, just dont want to stay for a week at that price. It would be built in to a longer trip. The pop up sites are like 100$ less. Thats more reasonable. But , its still selling out fast. So they price it for what people will pay.

Dave Moz

Jul 15, 2021
Updating my review a bit. Sun Outdoors has fully taken over the campground and the prices for 2022 have jumped considerably. You can find Facebook groups talking about it.
After talking it over and weighing the good/bad, we decided to cancel our 2022 reservation.
Instead we will be staying at a much smaller and much cheaper campground (2022 review Island Resort RV CO-OP here) in Newark ,MD.
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