Frosty Acres Campground - Duanesburg, NY

Discussion in 'New York' started by pasobuff, Aug 7, 2015.

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    I've stayed there once so far, have a second weekend booked next weekend..... BEAUTIFUL view of the Schoharie Valley...close to Howe Caverns, less than an hour from Albany, NY.....

    If you have kids, spots 61-63 are pretty prime - sunny but with a tree line behind you...AND the playground is right across the road. 3 ponds, the smallest one has sun fish so fun for the kids...PLUS tons of frogs and crayfish in the (very) small stream that runs behind the playground.

    If you like wooded, opt for the upper loop - that is all in the woods but some spots are bigger than others. There is also a huge grassy area for the larger campers, mostly the motor homes etc.

    Bathrooms are nice and clean, and good sized - I like that the bathroom is a 'real' bathroom - toilet, sink and shower in one room. Handicap accessible too. They have washers and dryers in the same building.

    Pool wasn't huge, but it was CLEAN - a big plus to me. They do have a beach, but unfortunately no swimming this year as they have been having issues with getting a properly certified lifeguard. They do have one lined up for next year and are even paying for their training (according to the email I got last night).

    Oh - owners are new, they just bought the place in May of this year. Well kept, clean sites and very friendly staff. On weekends they also have security at the entrance.

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