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Discussion in 'Photography' started by kitphantom, Mar 19, 2014.

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    Last week, I took a day and a half "Behind the Scenes" photo class at Arizona Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson. DH and I will be taking it together sometime during the next season(s) of Art Institute classes.
    We got some great tips for photographing animals at ASDM, applicable to other venues. I knew about birds pooping just before flying, did not know that they straighten their legs then too.
    Now I need to go through the manual for my camera (again!) and make crib notes for my photo interests. I learned one of my issues with my Canon SX-40 is that I hit one or more of the buttons next to the thumb rest as I zoom and click - even though the cameras are getting more compact, my small hands are still an issue. [One reason I got the SX-40 last year instead of DH was that his SX-10 has a body just a tad larger than the SX-40; otherwise, he would probably have taken the newer camera and passed the other to me.]
    We got to see what being on the inside of the Life on the Rocks exhibit looked like:
    inside LOR by kitphantom, on Flickr
    We were with one of the curators, so got to see animals as they were let out of their night enclosures and given food and enrichment (things that are fun, such as perfume for the javelinas and coatis ).
    We got to feed this ram sprigs of jojoba - through substantial bars - when we toured the inside of the exhibit.
    ram by kitphantom, on Flickr
    This bear usually looks like a big fur rock when we visit:
    bear with fruit 2 by kitphantom, on Flickr

    I also really need to learn to use a photo editing program, if I have the patience for it. I can crop photos, but that's about all I do.
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    I know this is from last year, but I just wanted to say how great your eye is with that camera of yours.

    Your photos are breathtaking! Thanks for sharing them with us, the birds especially.

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