Funny Camping Stories

Chris Cornejo

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Jul 23, 2008
I love funny I will start this subject with mine.

On our way up to Death Valley, California for our first desert camping trip, we kept on passing billboards announcing "Gino's Famous Greek Restaurant home of the best milkshakes". Just as we approached the exit we decided to have lunch there.
My husband ordered the giro (with the mystery meat) and fries and I ordered fries and a stawberry shake.
As we ate the grease on the fries started to congeal on the roof of my mouth and I was grossing out.
So I quickly took a drink from my shake to wash it down. Well that didn't work because the shake was so thick I had to suck and suck and suck. As I sucked on the straw something came up the straw into my mouth. Oh my God, it was a freaken feather, just then I heard a rooster crow outside the back door. I took the feather out of my mouth and showed to my husband who got so grossed out he started to heave. Needless to say we left as quickly as possible.

Now every time we go by the billboards we laugh about it.

Coleman Monterey


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Jun 27, 2005
Well, you can't complain about them using pre-mixed shake syrup or not serving fresh chicken! Just tell me the **** didn't crow three times...

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Chris Cornejo

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Jul 23, 2008
yes, it was gross but we had a good laugh afterward. We'll never forget our special shake!

Coleman Monterey


St. Clair Shores, MI
Feb 2, 2008
That would be the strawberry rooster shake???<img src=../Images/icons/icon_smile_lol.gif border=0 align=middle alt="Laugh Out Loud">

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Feb 5, 2007
Cape Girardeau, MO
The first time I REMEMBER a camping trip I must have been about 5 so it must have been 1957. We went from Pryor, OK to Roaring River in MO in a 1950 Chevy 4 dr. Mom and my sisters slept in the car, dad and I slept at opposite ends of an army cot under a tree. Well, trees usually have birds roosting in them and sure enough dad woke up on the morning with a big SPLAT on his head. He was NOT a happy camper! (Especially with the rest of us laughing so hard!)


Jul 28, 2008
Well, there was the time I earned the nickname 'Daisy Duke'. We were going tent camping to a place that the men used to go dirt bike riding when they were kids. In other words, we didn't know where we were going. So three dirt roads later I drove over a tiny little dirt mound that kicked a rock straight into my radiator and instantly let all the water out. Fortunately our friends had been carrying about four 5 gallon bottles of water. We would pour water, drive like heck, redline the temp guage and then pull over, let it cool and repeat the process. It took about 4 hours to get to a place where we could call AAA for a tow to the nearest service place. We left the car with them and went camping anyway!!!

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Jul 28, 2008
How about last weekend when I found out that I am now allergic to mosquito bites? I got bit on the only place I hadn't put OFF-my forehead. By morning the whole left side of my face was swollen and I couldn't open my eye. And benedryl and I don't work well together. So I was high on benedryl and looked like a boxer after a bad fight. Shoulda took pictures of that one!!! <img src=../Images/icons/icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle alt="Big Smile">

it's not the destination, it's the adventure along the way

Chris Cornejo

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Jul 23, 2008
I wish I could have seen it. Just reading your story made me laugh.
PS- just came back from camping up at Mammoth Lakes Calif...had a great time. This is our 3rd trip with our pup.

Coleman Monterey


May 21, 2008
alton, Il
About 10 years ago my Dad and I were camping in montauk state park in MO like we have been for many years. Well me and dad were back at the camp site relaxing after we had been fishing for a while and this guy pulls up to a campsite a few down from us that was empty and sets a chair up and sets his cooler on the picnic table then leaves. A few hours passed and the cooler and chair was still there and the guy had not yet returned. So dad tells me to keep and eye on the that cooler because if this guys doesnt return most likely there will be skunks over there before to long. Well sure enough as soon as it started to get dark out the skunks showed up and were trying to get into the cooler. So as the night whent on we would take a glance over that way and around our site to keep and eye on the skunks. A little while later me and dad were sitting by the fire just hanging out and we started to smell a skunk so we shined the light over where the skunks were and there were still a few there but the smell seemed to be getting stronger so I shined the light around the camp site and about 5 feet from us was a skunk. So dad says to me with a soft voice what ever you do dont make any sudden movements or he will spray. So we watched the skunk for a few seconds which seems like a long time and me not wanting to get sprayed jumped up out of the chair and bailed well as soon as I did that the skunk raised his tail as if to spray so as soon as dad seen the tail go up and me bail he jumps up out of the chair with a few choice words and bails with me. We ran about 30 feet from the skunk and then just watched him like a hawk until he left our site and moved on. Luckly for us he did not spray but for the rest of the night we were both on edge. Dad gave me s*** the rest of the night for bailing on him like that but we both got a good laugh out of it. That is one of the best memorys I have of me and my dad camping.

Sorry for the long post.

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Feb 1, 2007
this last memorial day , me and my DW went camping and when we got to the campsite, she jumped out to guide me back into the site.
All was well until she started to wave her hand from one side to the other and back and forth! She had me cranking the wheel from one side to the other and back! then she started to laugh our loud, finally i jumped out and asked her what the heck she was doing, and she told me that she was trying to get the swarm of gnats that we had stirred up away from her face and didnt realize i was watching her, thinking she was guiding me in!
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Mar 3, 2008

No need to apologize for the long post. That is a great story and I am sure it is one you will always enjoy sharing. I would always take one more campout with my dad if he were able. I hope someday my kids have the same type of fond memories of our family campouts. Thank you for sharing your story.

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Jun 30, 2008
On our second tent camping trip about 6 years ago, we went to Greers Ferry Lake. We had a box fan to keep us cool at night. A huge thunderstorm came up and woke me from a sound sleep. I looked at the box fan and its sitting in a pool of water that had gotten in the tent. I tried to wake him up but he just put a pillow over his head. I unplugged it from the main elec box and slept the rest of the night in the yukon.


Jun 11, 2008
Three years ago I was camping with friends. We were headed to the shower house in the evening and we saw a lady running down the road screaming "Get back here you [email protected]#%! I looked up and there was a raccoon running down the road dragging a package of steaks in his mouth. The lady didn't catch him. She showed us where the raccoon had torn a hole in the side of their canvas of their pop-up. She arrived back at the camper just in time to see him crawl back out of the hole and take off down the road with the steaks. The refrigerator was wide open, but only the steaks were taken. Needless to say I don't leave any food in my camper - it stays in the van. I always thought it would be nice to be able to leave food in my camper. Not anymore. It was pretty funny watching that lady though.



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Jan 18, 2008
Several years ago, we took our DS and DGS to a lake not too far
from where we live. Well that day the temp got up to about 98.
That night it was still very warm, we had several fans going, the
guys we down to there shorts. About 2AM, we all woke up FREEZING. Seems that we forgot just how high up the mountain
we were, the temp had dropped to about 40. We scrambled
around and put on our Jammies, and I found a couple extra
blankets. Just as we were all settled back in bed, and getting
warm, I hear this little voice "Gramma, I have to go potty" Grampa decided to teach him how "men" go potty in the woods.
Then we heard this not so quiet voice say "I have to do WHAT?"
I started to laugh, and almost fell out of bed. Grampa had to
take him to the bathroom, because there was no way he was going to do THAT.<img src=../Images/icons/icon_smile.gif border=0 align=middle alt="Smile">

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