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    We stayed at George Smith State Park from October 5-8. The lake has been drained for repairs to either the covered bridge or dam but it is still very beautiful and interesting to see. Just don't go right now planning on canoeing or kayaking. There was a spot on the right side of the bridge that still had water and several people were fishing. There is also at least one hiking trail. It isn't a long trail but the woods were beautiful. The campground was very nice and the spots are far enough apart to offer privacy. The bathhouse was very nice and clean. I don't know if all state parks have the private family restroom that locks but this park does and I liked that. This is a great park to go to just to get away from everything and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature. It is in the middle of NOWHERE so do be careful following your GPS. Actually look at the map. We ended up on a dead end dirt road before we found the right place. It made for a very funny story afterwards but it wasn't at the time.
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