Galley sink residual water

Jerry A Jansen

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Jul 1, 2018
Oak Ridge, NJ
We have a 2002 Coleman/Fleetwood Laramie and whenever I use the galley sink and the swing in over before lowering the roof, I almost always get some water that comes out of the drain onto the floor. Have any of you experienced this and if so, what have you done to try to clear the sick drain hose to get it clear of residual drain water?

Everett Bartlett

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Aug 2, 2020
Southern Nevada
I've got one of the flip over sinks, and mine leaks from the faucet arm. The drain doesn't leak on mine. What I found to do is to take a bowl and hold under the faucet arm as I am tipping it over, after I get about 3/4 down I lift it back up and down 3-4 times and that drains it.


May 15, 2009
Yup that is one of those things. Its the nature of mechanics meets gravity meets centrifugal ,meets kinetic energy meets my wife who hates water where it dose not belong. For me it used to drive me nuts because I am mr. mechanic , mr. plumber make stuff fix stuff, no water on the floor. I no longer fight the universe. I use a towel. Its just water. Once

Grandpa Don

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Sep 5, 2018
Southern California
Again, I would be surprised if your RV sink does not have a locking screw in stopper like this. Especially if the galley folds down for transport.


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Grandpa Don

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Sep 5, 2018
Southern California
It looks like that link posted above also has the basket drain assembly for sinks that may not have the screw in type. It appears that you could easily modify any sink with that type.
I use a towel. No threads on mine, didn't come with a screw in or locking plug.
You can covert it for under $10.00


Dec 3, 2017
Victoria, B.C.
Ours has the swing down sink, so haven't experienced this personally.
I would try plunging the sink to clear water out of the trap, the towel would likely still be necessary, but should minimize the volume.
A small sink plunger doesn't take up much room. We used to have to plunge ours to get it to start draining, before I added an air admittance valve.