Game Lodge Campground near Custer

Discussion in 'South Dakota' started by Greg_Griswald, Jun 24, 2014.

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    Jun 24, 2014
    We spent a week at the Game Lodge campground a couple of weeks ago. Great location for touring the area. It's located close to Iron Mountain Road, Needles Highway, Keystone/Mount Rushmore, Custer, Wind Cave park and a short trip to Hot Springs.

    The campground itself is very nicely kept. It has two comfort stations with free hot water showers. While we didn't use it, DW said there's a laundramat on site as well. There's a nice playground area on one end. On the other is an old barn converted to a theatre where they had free programs nightly. Highway 16 runs along one side, altho not close enough to be annoying. The other side is a bluff with a nice little creek running next to it. They claim a swimming area with a beach but that's a little bit of a stretch. It's a nice pond with a sandy area about the same size as your average popup. While we were there a family of Canadian Geese were nesting at the pond. It was peaceful watching them, but I don't expect they'd have felt the same about us trying to swim with their baby. Perhaps that would work better later in the year.

    The row of sites nearest the highway are full sun or close to it. The back row is where you want to be. It's the opposite back there with lots of shade. It's a very pop-up friendly campground. Most of our week the back row was full of pop-ups like us with tents on the other side of the row.

    Getting a reservation could be the roughest part of being there. I don't know if the SD P&R websites have been updated yet, but there were signs in the comfort stations announcing you could now book a year in advance of the date you wish to stay vs the 90 days it had been. (Now July 4th 2015 becomes available for booking the morning of July 4th this year). We booked for the same timeframe next year and there were few spots left available. We had to adjust our planned days a little and were lucky to get our second choice site.

    It's definitely worth checking into if you're going to spend a little time in the Black Hills. We can't wait to get back.
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    Aug 11, 2008
    I think this will be are 8th season, be there in Sept. love the place. we usually stay at Grace
    Coolidge CG, fewer sites but most in shade. we have stayed a south Stockade CG once(good) and we were going to try North Stockade this time but it filled while thinking about it. Have you ever been there for the buffalo stampede, as one local told us, you got to try it ONCE.
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    Jun 11, 2015
    Red Wing, MN on the Mississippi
    We went to Game Lodge our second long trip in the pup, spring 2016. Site 32e, probably the best in the campground (someone must have cancelled). We were there for open house weekend (3rd weekend in May?), and weather was perfect, except for tornado warning (no rain) and awning flipped over pup and pole bonked me in the noggin. The buffalo were grazing at night up against fence behind bathhouse, in open field between campground and highway. They are very noisy chewers. No internet service, had to go to the lodge for that. Was crowded, every site was full, but in the end with trees, there was enough space between so it was OK. The open end was like a parking lot, not so hot. This is a great location to get around the Black Hills. We toured the Minuteman Historical Site (by Phillips), the Badlands, Black Hills, Crazy Horse Memorial, Wounded Knee, and of course, the Mammoth Site!

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