Gap between door and roof on jay series


Sep 27, 2014
So the N2U pup has a gap from the door to the roof while collapsed and packed that is about 1/4 inch wide. I can open the door and it's convenient but is this normal for the jay series 1206? Reading through earlier posts it sounds like it can be the case depending on the brand but I just wanna know if I'm doing anything wrong?

Worried about things getting inside of it.

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2012 jayco jay series 1206
2008 GMC Sierra


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Apr 8, 2012
There should be a rubber 'C' channel piece on top of the door that seals that gap. Jayco does still make the piece you need (its also available through other RV parts suppliers). Its flexible enough to allow the door to open when the top is down and latched but still tight enough to keep a weather tight seal. Ours is worn but not ready to give up the ghost just yet.