Garmin Nuvi Recall


Jan 16, 2008
Wow! I hope the guy who stole my Nuvi 250w a few days ago doesn't read this. I hope karma catches up to him


Aug 19, 2010
Thanks for the heads up, but mine(Nuvi 765T) hasn't been recalled, that's the message I got from Garmin.


Dothan, AL
Apr 5, 2008
Mt. Washington, NH
awesome ! both mine and my wife's are on that list ! but still no email from Garmin? wth?

I must say though, this has been a ploy used by manufacturers in the past. not saying this IS ONE OF THOSE TIMES, but hear me out....

years ago we bought a neat lil video camera, unbeknown to us, it was a "SPECIAL" camera, it had night vision and "x" technology inside it from a product line hiccup. they mixed up batches of government contract pieces with consumer line components during line assembly.

anyone else buy this camera?

6 weeks after registering the warranty for it, I receive an email and a letter stating that I had a camera with a "defect" that must be sent back ASAP. if I did not send it in (pre paid shipping) all warranties would be voided. we had 30 days to have it shipped and replaced for free.

2 weeks later, on the way to the UPS drop off, I hear on the radio about this video camera and what REALLY HAPPENED, and WHY they wanted them returned! needless to say, this camera still works flawlessly, although a bit outdated...

I read on a GPS forum, Garmin has been known to release products that have exploitable features, which allow "EXTRA FEATURES" to be used or added.
not saying this is one of those times, but give it a week or two before rushing to send it back.


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Jul 22, 2012
[TV] [HYC] I have the Garman NUVI 1350LMT. Its a 4.5 inch diag. measure unit with lifetime maps and traffic. This unit kept me out of a 4 hour traffic jam on my last camping outing. It directed me around the jam and I only went about 5 miles out of the way. I just love putting in the address and touching the GO button. The only draw back is that the new map updates take about 5+ hours to download, so I set it up and go to bed, all done in the morning.